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Picks.org is your leading source online for info, trends and analysis for sports betting. We provide detailed write-ups on every betting matchup in every sporting league in the world. We just updated our 2014 World Cup Predictions section as well as started to really hammer out our picks for the NBA and NHL playoffs going on as we speak! If you are not familiar with betting online, sign up at one of the online sportsbooks above to get started and make sure to read our daily sports betting picks and tips to learn how to pick winners.

Online Sports Betting Tips & Strategy

  • Perspective: When betting on sports online, it is important to keep in mind that the best professional sports bettors win no more that 60% of the matches they bet on. This means you cannot get down on yourself if you have a winning streak or think you are God’s Gift to sports betting if you have a winning streak. The worst thing you can do is go on a winning streak and think you cannot lose, and start betting more than you can afford. This is how problem gamblers can get in real trouble. Do not fall for this trick our brain plays on us.
  • Consistency: Set a bet amount and stick to it! This is one of the most important guidelines in sports betting if you want to do it without going broke. Smart sports bettors break their bankroll into “units.” So if you have $1000 set aside to bet with, you can break it up into 100 x $10 units. and bet no more than 2 or 3 units on any one bet. Even the best professional sports bettors go on prolonged losing streaks, no matter what the hucksters selling their picks will tell you. If you believe every tout out there, they go 12 & 1 every week betting on sports. THEY LIE. When you are winning 60% of your bets and you bet on 10 games, guess what your odds of losing 5 games in a row are in that 10 games? 1%? 5%? 10%? … Try 22% ! That means that if you are betting only 20% of your bankroll on every game, you have a 22% chance of going broke in 10 bets! Bet small and grow slowly.
  • Information: Accurate information (stats) and trends are the sports bettor’s only tools. If you are betting on hunches and what you see on television, then you have already lost. You may win some games here and there, or even go on a healthy winning streak and get “rich,” but you will lose. And it will be quick and brutal. This is what we can help you with here at PICKS. We scour databases for all of the relevant information that will help you become a consistent winner when sports betting.
  • Line Shopping: The best lines on an event always produce the best results. With sports bettors having access to lines from multiple sportsbooks for each event, you can “line shop” and get the best odds and price for any event you want to bet on. Getting an extra half-point here and a -110 price instead of -115 can add up to a LOT of extra winnings over time. For example, over the coure of 100 bets at $100 each, if you win 55% of the time, you will win $500.05 at -110 odds, and only $282.80 at -115 odds. This small change in odds results in almost TWICE the winnings. Make sure to sign up and have accounts at as many different sports books as possible. Click here for a more detailed look at this concept.
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