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San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat 02/09 02:35 pm -6.5 -110 6.5 -110 0 0 193.5 O/U -110
Washington Wizards New York Knicks 02/09 03:05 pm 1.5 -110 -1.5 -110 0 0 207 O/U -110
Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks 02/09 03:05 pm -4 -110 4 -110 0 0 208 O/U -110
Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 02/09 03:35 pm 1.5 -110 -1.5 -110 0 0 183 O/U -110
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
Duquesne Dayton 02/09 02:00 pm 13 -110 -13 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Auburn Tennessee 02/09 02:00 pm 10.5 -110 -10.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Northern Illinois Kent State 02/09 02:00 pm 4 -110 -4 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Central Michigan Eastern Michigan 02/09 02:00 pm 1.5 -110 -1.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Toledo Buffalo 02/09 02:00 pm 2.5 -110 -2.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Ohio Ball State 02/09 02:00 pm 2.5 -110 -2.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Akron Bowling Green 02/09 02:00 pm -4 -110 4 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Miami (OH) Western Michigan 02/09 02:00 pm 7.5 -110 -7.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Monmouth Marist 02/09 02:00 pm -11.5 -110 11.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Pittsburgh Miami Florida 02/09 02:00 pm 8 -110 -8 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
West Virginia Kansas 02/09 02:00 pm 7 -110 -7 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Michigan State Purdue 02/09 02:00 pm 0 -110 0 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
George Mason Rhode Island 02/09 02:00 pm 13.5 -110 -13.5 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Cincinnati Central Florida 02/09 02:00 pm -10 -110 10 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
Xavier Creighton 02/09 03:00 pm -1 -110 1 -110 0 0 0 O/U 0
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
Anaheim Ducks Philadelphia Flyers 02/09 02:05 pm -1.5 255 1.5 -305 -108 -102 5 O/U -121
New York Islanders Columbus Blue Jackets 02/09 02:05 pm -1.5 230 1.5 -275 -121 110 5.5 O/U -105
Los Angeles Kings Boston Bruins 02/09 02:05 pm 1.5 -315 -1.5 265 100 -110 5 O/U -105
Washington Capitals Nashville Predators 02/09 03:05 pm -1.5 245 1.5 -290 -110 100 5.5 O/U 123
Winnipeg Jets St Louis Blues 02/09 03:05 pm 1.5 -215 -1.5 185 141 -156 5 O/U -121
Dallas Stars Minnesota Wild 02/09 03:05 pm 1.5 -300 -1.5 250 -102 -108 5.5 O/U 110
San Jose Sharks Chicago Blackhawks 02/09 03:35 pm 1.5 -220 -1.5 190 134 -148 5.5 O/U 121
Vancouver Canucks Colorado Avalanche 02/09 04:05 pm 1.5 -255 -1.5 215 116 -128 5.5 O/U 124
Toronto Maple Leafs Calgary Flames 02/09 04:05 pm 1.5 -245 -1.5 205 122 -135 5.5 O/U 123
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
Click a book below to see its lines
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  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
  Spread Moneyline Over/Under
Cody Garbrandt John Lineker 02/21 10:30 pm 0 0 0 0 140 -160 2.5 O/U 105
Francisco Rivera Brad Pickett 02/27 04:30 pm 0 0 0 0 -225 185 2.5 O/U -115
Keita Nakamura Tom Breese 02/27 05:00 pm 0 0 0 0 600 -1050 1.5 O/U 120
Anderson Silva Michael Bisping 02/27 06:00 pm 0 0 0 0 -300 250 2.5 O/U -130
Thales Leites Gegard Mousasi 02/27 06:00 pm 0 0 0 0 275 -335 2.5 O/U -175
Miesha Tate Holly Holm 03/05 11:30 pm 0 0 0 0 305 -365 2.5 O/U -190
Conor McGregor Rafael dos Anjos 03/05 11:59 pm 0 0 0 0 -140 120 2.5 O/U 115
Hector Lombard Neil Magny 03/19 05:30 pm 0 0 0 0 -145 125 2.5 O/U -140
Frank Mir Mark Hunt 03/19 06:00 pm 0 0 0 0 155 -175 1.5 O/U 110
Mike Chiesa Beneil Dariush 04/16 09:00 pm 0 0 0 0 180 -220 2.5 O/U -150
Mauricio Rua Rashad Evans 04/16 09:30 pm 0 0 0 0 200 -240 2.5 O/U -170
Tony Ferguson Khabib Nurmagomedov 04/16 10:00 pm 0 0 0 0 165 -190 3.5 O/U -185
Ronaldo Souza Vitor Belfort 05/14 09:00 pm 0 0 0 0 -335 275 1.5 O/U -140
Matt Brown Demian Maia 05/14 09:00 pm 0 0 0 0 320 -425 1.5 O/U -155
Chris Weidman Luke Rockhold 06/25 11:30 pm 0 0 0 0 155 -185 3.5 O/U -140
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We believe that there are two kinds of successful sportsbook customers – the good and the great. We believe that the good bettors study statistics, injury reports, and the movement of odds, while the truly great bettors supplement their own knowledge with help from trusted sources.

Online Sports Betting Tips & Strategy

We give you detailed advice from a sports bettor’s perspective as wagering opportunities present themselves in every major sporting league around the world. We cover every aspect of the betting experience, from rumors about trades to coverage of new online sportsbooks. And let’s not forget – the PICKS baby! has a highly-qualified team of analysts that specialize in the world’s major sports – and together we aim to provide our readers with the very best in free sports betting picks. Along the way, they will teach you to learn how to pick winners more often on your own. The team at want to help you become a more successful sports gambler, whether your wager of choice is on American college football, European league soccer, or the Olympics.

Below are examples of tips from analysts who specialize in betting the most popular games throughout all the major sports leagues, as well as tennis events, golf tournaments and even soccer!

Managing Your Betting Bankroll Properly

The three C’s of sports betting finance are Consistency, Consistency, and Consistency. Cheesy I know, but true. I am friends with literally hundreds of high-dollar sports wagerers, guys with bankrolls in the six figures, and none of them would be what they are today if they did strictly adhere to bankroll management tactics. This isn’t a sales line – I’m not selling any special secret. This is how you do it:

You set a bet amount and stick to it. That’s it. That’s the magic gateway to more successful sports betting. Learn to break up your existing bankroll into “units.” A customer with $1,000 set aside can also be said to have 100 units of gambling, each worth $10. The bettor can place two or three total units on a game if he or she has insight or has done research indicating it is a strong proposition, but don’t go higher than that. What does this do? Insure against losing streaks. Which you’re going to have.

One thing bettors don’t understand – especially NFL handicappers – are the statistics behind losing streaks. Even a genius bettor, picking an average of 60%, has about a 1 in 5 chance of going totally broke in just ten games without controlling the unit size and total units on each wager. Bankroll management is the only thing that all successful sports bettors have in common. I don’t care what any of these other guys say.

Shopping for the Best Lines and Odds

Ignore your feelings. Ignore home-field advantage (most of the time.) Ignore what the guy on the 1-800 number tells you. The trick to being a better gambler in the sports world is to shop for better lines, plain and simple. The best lines on an event always produce the biggest financial reward – isn’t that what you’re in it for? You can read about Ryan Leaf’s toe injury history for fifty hours or you can read my insight into how to find good lines. Trust me, you don’t want to do the former.

What’s “line shopping?” Since we sports bettors can access lines from multiple sportsbooks for each game we can essentially window shop for the best odds and price for our bets. This is line shopping in a nutshell, and it will make your gambling a better experience because you’ll spend less money.

Earning an extra half-point here and a -110 price instead of -115 there can really add up. Here’s an example, a simplified one. Over the course of 100 wagers of $100 apiece, picking the winner 55% of the time leads to disappointing payouts at some odds rates.

Picking 55% winners is difficult as it is, and at -115 odds, that level of success will earn you just $282 and change. Winning at the same rate, but with odds of -110 instead of -115, will earn you just over $500. This tiny difference in odds will earn you double the payout.

This is just one of my tricks. Let me be your numbers assistant. I don’t bet with my heart, and I don’t do much research outside of shopping for line values. It’s my job to make sure you know where to find the best line. Let help you find the bet odds.

Our Promise

With the variety of expertise and familiarity with world sports markets you can find at, we promise there is no easier way to stay on top of any world sports market. Make your trusted assistant.

Watch us expose new opportunities for low-risk wagers in ways you haven’t thought of yet, or verify your own assumptions about a contest or athlete. We will even challenge your deeply-held beliefs about the world of betting on sports and the very picks on your own spreadsheet. We read everything we can get our eyes on ALL things sports. Let us be your extra set of eyes and ears to assess the constant flow of sports information, trends, and betting analysis.

Being a good handicapper means exerting patience and control. Not utilizing either will easily be the difference to winning a ton of money long-term or going broke in the short-term. As a quick reminder, check out our small check list below on how to remain consistent with your sports bets:


  • Perspective: When betting on sports online, it is important to keep in mind that the best professional sports bettors win no more that 60% of the matches they bet on. This means you cannot get down on yourself if you have a winning streak or think you are God’s Gift to sports betting if you have a winning streak. The worst thing you can do is go on a winning streak and think you cannot lose, and start betting more than you can afford. This is how problem gamblers can get in real trouble. Do not fall for this trick our brain plays on us.
  • Consistency: Set a bet amount and stick to it! This is one of the most important guidelines in sports betting if you want to do it without going broke. Smart sports bettors break their bankroll into “units.” So if you have $1000 set aside to bet with, you can break it up into 100 x $10 units. and bet no more than 2 or 3 units on any one bet. Even the best professional sports bettors go on prolonged losing streaks, no matter what the hucksters selling their picks will tell you. If you believe every tout out there, they go 12 & 1 every week betting on sports. THEY LIE. When you are winning 60% of your bets and you bet on 10 games, guess what your odds of losing 5 games in a row are in that 10 games? 1%? 5%? 10%? … Try 22% ! That means that if you are betting only 20% of your bankroll on every game, you have a 22% chance of going broke in 10 bets! Bet small and grow slowly.
  • Information: Accurate information (stats) and trends are the sports bettor’s only tools. If you are betting on hunches and what you see on television, then you have already lost. You may win some games here and there, or even go on a healthy winning streak and get “rich,” but you will lose. And it will be quick and brutal. This is what we can help you with here at PICKS. We scour databases for all of the relevant information that will help you become a consistent winner when sports betting.
  • Line Shopping: The best lines on an event always produce the best results. With sports bettors having access to lines from multiple sportsbooks for each event, you can “line shop” and get the best odds and price for any event you want to bet on. Getting an extra half-point here and a -110 price instead of -115 can add up to a LOT of extra winnings over time.For example, over the coure of 100 bets at $100 each, if you win 55% of the time, you will win $500.05 at -110 odds, and only $282.80 at -115 odds. This small change in odds results in almost TWICE the winnings. Make sure to sign up and have accounts at as many different sports books as possible. Click here for a more detailed look at this concept.

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