Using Neteller for Depositing at an Online Sportsbook

At one time, Neteller was the most popular eWallet deposit method for online gamblers. This eWallet is operated by a company that’s traded on the London Stock Exchange, a part of the online payment processing industry since 1996. Even PayPal, one of the most venerated online payment processors, hasn’t been in the business that long. This particular third party payment service is a convenient method of adding money to an online gambling account without the need for handing out private information or a bank account number.

Making a deposit anonymously gives an added layer of protection between private financial information and the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves. Simply put, a Neteller transaction doesn’t include specific account numbers or credit details that can be used for criminal purposes. For many customers, an added benefit of the Neteller system of deposit is the relatively low (and sometimes non-existent) fee schedule. With this eWallet, customers only accrue fees when withdrawing funds from Neteller to a bank account or credit/debit product.

Neteller Account Information

Creating an account is easy – Neteller’s website allows full registration, free of charge, without any need for sharing bank account details. Only after customers make their account (and prepare to deposit money to an online sportsbook or casino) is there a need for funding through a traditional bank account or credit card.

Funds can be added to this eWallet with a credit or debit card, a bank wire transfer, or an eCheck. The process is identical to any online purchase – enter the card or account details, determine the amount f the purchase, and click through until the deposit has been made.

Occasionally, a sportsbook may require a small fee for customers to use this service. This doesn’t come from Neteller’s side, but is a decision made by the book’s financial department. It’s important to research the deposit methods accepted by a particular sportsbooks (as well as their terms and conditions) before committing to any particular one.

Neteller & North American Customers

Neteller left the North American market along with many other deposit methods when legislation in the United States made certain transactions illegal. In fact, Neteller (and its rivals, including PayPal) had to pay the US government a settlement in exchange for having done business with Americans in the past. Obviously, Neteller is not an option for Americans or Canadians.

Neteller left the American and Canadian markets to prevent further damages against them by the federal government. This loss of service has had a big impact on Neteller’s bottom line – before the collapse of their North American business, the company’s revenue was around $270 million annually. These days, Neteller is lucky to earn $35 million, all due to losing their US and Canadian customers.

Neteller Approval Rate Percentage

This company has one of the best approval rates in the industry – it starts with a reported “near 100%” approval rate for credit and debit cards used to fund Neteller accounts. That means customers have an easy time getting their funds added to Neteller. As for the approval rate of Neteller itself at various online sportsbooks, it is also among the highest of all eWallets, advertising another “near 100%” rate of acceptance. Alongside its rival eWallet service Skrill, Neteller is one of the most-accepted deposit methods in use today.

Sportsbooks that Accept Neteller Deposits

Plenty of online books accept customer deposits using Neteller; generally speaking, any site that does business with customers outside of the US and Canada accepts Neteller and other eWallets. A representative sample of the major online books that accept this method is below.

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