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Skrill is an eWallet payment processing system founded in London in 2001. Once known as Moneybookers, the system was once globally-accepted as a deposit and withdrawal method for online casinos. Early in the year 2008, Skrill (like other eWallets and payment methods) left the North American market, and just like the other services used primarily for gambling, took a big financial hit as a result.

Skrill allows customers to transfer money, as well as receive it, to online merchants, mainly online gambling sites. Like all third party payment systems, Skrill’s main selling points is the anonymity it affords customers, who protect their personal information and financial account details while still able to deposit and withdraw to and from their player accounts.

At the time of this review, Skrill boasts around 30 million customers around the world, has one of the best conversion and acceptance rates in the industry, and is one of the least expensive deposit methods to use at any online sportsbook or gaming site. Skrill offers its website and customer support in both English and Spanish.

Skrill Account Information

Signing up for this eWallet is as easy as navigating to the website and filling out a couple of basic personal details. Registering for an account through the Skrill website is totally free, and only requires a name and address. Like the best eWallets in the world, there is no need to spend money until it is time to fund an actual online account.

Once a customer decides to use Skrill as a deposit method, they fund their Skrill account using an accepted funding source, the list of which vary depending on what part of the world a customer lives in. Generally speaking, traditional financial sources (credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, etc.) are the norm for adding money to a Skrill account.

Like all eWallets, the use of Skrill for deposits protects customer data. Skrill acts as a barrier between a customer’s credit card number or bank account and routing number and an online sportsbook’s cashier department. All sensitive personal data is kept private at Skrill; not even a sportsbook’s financial department will have those details.

Another benefit to online gamblers who open a Skrill account is quick access to the transferred funds. Many sportsbooks advertise that Skrill deposits take place “instantly,” as opposed to some deposit methods that require a period of a few business days (or even a few weeks).

Skrill & North American Customers

Like all eWallets, Skrill had to stop doing business with the general North American market just after the passage of anti-gaming legislation in 2006. Americans lost access to many online gambling sites and funds transfer methods in the years following the 2006 UIGAE bill. Skrill, along with Neteller and the other popular eWallets, was forced to pay restitution for having done business with American customers to begin with.

Skrill USA is now in operation again, however in a different capacity from the eWallet system. Skrill USA does business with legal regulated casino markets that already exist in America. Though plans are in place to get back into the third party funds transfer industry in the USA, as of now Skrill is only available to Americans playing specific types of legal and regulated brick and mortar games.

Skrill Approval Rate Percentage

A high approval rate is a hallmark of the world’s best eWallet payment processing systems, and Skrill is no different. Approval rates are near 100% in markets where Skrill transfers are legal. This is in stark contrast to approval rates for other deposit methods, especially direct credit card/debit card transfers. The convenience of having a nearly globally-accepted deposit method is a mark in favor of the use of Skrill or other eWallet services.

Sportsbooks that Accept Skrill Deposits

Generally speaking, any casino or sportsbook that runs of certain pieces of gaming software is able to process Skrill deposits. Sportsbooks that operate on Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, RTG, and many other popular platforms are all members of the Skrill deposit network. European-based sportsbooks are a shoe-in for Skrill customers. Below is a representative list of the kinds of sportsbooks that process payments using this popular eWallet.

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