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High Roller SportsbooksThe phrase “high roller” doesn’t have a strict definition. It’s a subjective term that means “big spender,” usually in the context of a casino or other gambling venue setting. However, we want to point our higher-bankrolled visitors in the right direction and ensure you get the best experience for your online betting needs.

Read through our detailed page below to ensure that if you have the bankroll of a Vegas “whale” you’re getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to your betting needs. We highlight only the best books for our high bankroll players, which as of right now is only limited to 3 options. Take a look at our reviews of each to see which one fits best for you.

Best High Limit Online Sportsbooks in 2017

I looked at two dozen different Web-based sportsbooks to figure out which ones I’d recommend to potential customers looking to place sports bets in the thousands of dollars. What did I consider? First and foremost, security and reputation. Only after I was convinced that a sports betting service was safe did I go on to look for high roller-compatibility.

Other factors – access to high-limit bets, the site’s history of paying out winnings, the timetable of payouts, and the availability of high roller-specific bonuses. We make that part easy for you in our recommendation of the best high roller sportsbooks below.

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What qualifies me as a “high roller?”

That depends as much on the place you bet as the size of your wallet. I’ll explain – if you walk into Caesars Palace in Vegas looking to bet $200 on the Duke vs. Kentucky Final Four game, the bookies won’t bat an eye. That’s a small potatoes bet. Now try joining your office March Madness pool and getting that kind of action. Make sense now? It’s all relative.

Online sportsbooks are a different world altogether. Unlike land-based betting shops, Web-based books operate within a pretty narrowly-defined financial range. All books online require a specific minimum wager (which varies from book to book), and all sports betting websites have deposit and withdrawal restrictions that make them less-than-ideal for true sports betting high rollers.

Every regular bettor is in a constant quest for a sportsbook that suits his needs. Casual bettors and high rollers will look for different things, and it is not easy to find a sportsbook that will satisfy a picky high roller. However, we found them for you and made a list of the best sportsbooks for high rollers in 2017. We divided the list into two sections – United States and International.

Top High Roller Sportsbooks for United States Players


bookmaker-lAt the time I compared the books on my list, the largest posted betting limit comes from Bookmaker.eu. This comes as no surprise – Bookmaker goes out of their way to advertise that they cater to both recreational and professional bettors. In sportsbook parlance, professional is pretty much code for high-roller.

On my last visit to Bookmaker, the posted maximum wager is either $5,000 for online bets (not a massive number but still impressive) or $20,000 for wagers placed over the phone. It’s becoming common for books to allow larger deposits and bets provided they walk through the process with a human being on the phone.

This not only puts the site in direct contact with important customers, it protects Bookmaker from potential fraud and adds a certain elite element to the act of betting on sports on the Internet.

When I contacted Bookmaker’s customer service to ask about betting limits, I was told once again that the maximum wager via phone is $20,000, but that this number wasn’t firm. Apparently, every phone representative is capable of arranging for larger wagers for “VIP clients.”

But enough about their betting limit – why else do I like Bookmaker for high rollers?

BookMaker is part of the BetCRIS group, with an established history of above-board operation. The BetCRIS group has been in operation since the establishment of offshore bookmaking operations in the 1980s. The site is also known for posting their betting lines earlier than other books.

An unfortunate feature of the service is their use of strict withdrawal limits. Check withdrawals are fast – customers report as little as 2 days transit time – but limited to $2,500 per week. Each check withdrawal also costs $50. Imagine if you win $20,000 – it’d take a total of eight checks (across two months) and $400 in fees to get your winnings. If there’s anything that makes Bookmaker not the best fit for high rollers, it’s the strict check withdrawal policy.

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5Dimes is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the US, and one of the sportsbooks with the longest tradition in the world. 5Dimes was founded in 1996 and since then they have been devoted to creating the best possible environment and betting experience for their customers.

One of the reasons why 5Dimes are a good option for high rollers is their bonus system. They offer a 50% bonus on the initial deposit, but they also give an extra 20% reward for all deposits above $400. You can get a bonus up to $520, which is one of the biggest bonuses in the industry.

5Dimes is also a very reliable site, according to the players – the support is very professional and always available, they aren’t a scam site, so if you are a winner, you won’t be double-crossed and you will be paid!

Also, they offer reduced juice on some of the most popular leagues in the US, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and some major tennis tournaments, which might be the thing for all high rollers – when you lay a bet over several hundred dollars, the difference in the potential gain between 5Dimes and some of the competitors becomes significant.



bovada-lBovada’s sportsbook is unique because it is available to US and Canadian players only. Bovada is something of a boutique betting site – some high rollers are going to scoff at my inclusion of Bovada on this list. After all, posted wagering limits max out at $2,000, and that only on specific sports.

So why did Bovada make the list? Put simply – it’s a legitimate and above-board operation that has a track record of doing business with US sports bettors. A population that’s traditionally been underserved in this department.

Most customers will be limited to wagers of between a few hundred and a couple of thousand dollars, with minimum wagers at $1 for online bets and $50 for phone-in. However, talking to Bovada’s friendly customer support staff, I found out that VIP customers are eligible for increased wagering limits up to $10,000 on some games. They couldn’t tell me exactly how to become a VIP, but hinted that it has to do with deposit size and customer loyalty.

Mostly I put Bovada on this list to show US-based sports bettors that they have options even while most of the big books in the world have stopped accepting their bets, and they can have their wagering limits increased if they so desire.

Bovada was born from the ashes of Bodog’s US services. When Bodog pulled out of North America during the UIGEA and Black Friday scares, Bovada opened as a US-facing skin of that popular poker, casino, and sports betting service. Bovada has some of Bodog’s clout in the industry, though the site itself has only been in operation for three or four years at the time I write this.

These three sports betting sites are not the only good books for high rollers in the world. I chose them because they highlight important features of big-spender sportsbook betting, and because most of the world has access to at least two of them at any given time.

Remember to read all terms and conditions before you make a deposit of any size to any online betting service. If you’re a high roller, you’ll want to talk to customer support or the cashier department to see if you can get any special deals or treatment based on the size of the transfer you want to make.


betonline-lThe BetOnline sportsbook does not have the largest posted betting limit, but they have several attractive options for big spenders. I’d consider BetOnline my number two pick in terms of recommending a site to high rollers.

I like that BetOnline has relatively high bet limits. At the time of this review, punters can wager from as little as $1 (for online wagers) up to $25,000 for certain bets on the NFL. BetOnline’s wager maximums are a bit complex, broken up as they are into game and wager categories. For specifics, please see the site’s Terms & Conditions page.

What about safety and legitimacy? BetOnline has been in the sports betting business since the early 1990s, well before Web-based sportsbooks were a thing. They’ve been involved in controversies in the past; however, those days are long behind them and they have been gaining back their reputation with players and ensuring payouts go out smoothly and for amounts low and high – ESPECIALLY for high rollers who have hit big scores!

Another safety-related feature that I like, particularly for high rollers looking to make big deposits, is that BetOnline’s support staff are available 24 hours a day via email, live chat, contact form, and toll-free phone. In case you do have any issues attempting to make a large deposit, there will always be a human being to speak to.

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Top High Roller Sportsbooks for International Players

There aren’t many reputable sportsbooks in US, and choice for high rollers in Europe is much wider. We believe that the best choices for international players are Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Pinnacle.


Pinnacle is probably the best sportsbook for high rollers in the world. Pinnacle has one of the lowest betting margins and the highest odds in the business and they are naturally the obvious choice for the players that tend to bet huge amounts of money. Also, most sportsbooks will restrict winning players sooner or later, but Pinnacle won’t. Their support is available 24/7, although they communicate only via e-mails. Every high roller bettor simply must have an account at Pinnacle!


William Hill

William Hill is also one of the most famous sportsbooks in Europe. They have a 20-year tradition in online gaming and they are one of the pioneers in the business. They are similar to Bet365 – wide variety of betting options, many different sports, and many different and exciting sign-up bonuses. They don’t have a strict cap on wagers, but they will restrict high rollers. You can try to use them like Bet365 and you may have a chance to lay one big bet and win a huge amount of money before they catch you on their radar. However, they are a reputable bookie – you will get paid.



Ladbrokes is one more old-timer from European market. They are focused mainly on top European football league and they are also regarded as a solid choice for casual bettors. However, numerous bettors around the globe reported they are not a user friendly website, even scam, but it seems that those people didn’t read their terms and conditions. Ladbrokes also doesn’t have a cap on big wagers, but they might restrict winning players as well.


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