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5Dimes is a bookmaker that was founded in the late 1990’s and has been accepting US players ever since. Despite the end of its web address featuring “.eu”, the site caters to bettors from not just the United States, Europe, and elsewhere around the world.

This bookmaker is focused much less on providing an exciting, casino-esque site layout and more focused on providing members with an all-inclusive betting experience capable of matching or beating some of the bookmakers that have grown to become household names.

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5Dimes.eu Website Layout

Everything about the way 5Dimes looks is incredibly simplistic and straight to the point. When you log in, you are able to simultaneously choose which aspect of 5Dimes’ site you would like to access. The mobile look is also extremely refreshing to navigate through and makes it super simple to place your wagers.

For those looking to make use of the live betting page, you are able to log in and automatically be directed to live betting. For those who would simply like to log in and check out the day’s lines, logging in and being redirected to the sportsbook main page is your best option.

Once you have reached the sportsbook homepage, all sports betting markets are laid out in front of you and are able to be accessed with just a few clicks. Unlike other sites that try to distract you with all sorts of information on the sports betting homepage, 5Dimes provides you with sports betting markets and only sports betting markets.

Directly from the sports betting homepage, you are able to refine your search by sport, league, region, and in some cases even the type of bet which you are trying to place (proposition, halftime, future, etc.).

Additional Features

One of my favorite features of 5Dimes’ site is their mobile-facing web application. The non-downloadable web app functions exactly like 5Dimes traditional online platform, only it is able to be used anywhere your mobile device is capable of accessing the internet.

Being that 5Dimes is already home to a basic interface, their mobile betting application is the same and features heavy emphasis on overall ease of use. What’s more, they are constantly updating their software in order to keep your mobile betting experience as clean and glitch-free as possible.

Another great feature offered by 5Dimes on a daily basis is live betting. While their live betting option may not be as comprehensive as some of the biggest bookmakers in the industry today, it is without a doubt one of the best in-play wagering options offered to US-based bettors.

With a large number of in-game propositions available for most every live betting market, you will find that 5Dimes has you and your wagers covered even if you missed the first pitch, kickoff, or tipoff.


When you are browsing the sports betting homepage on 5Dimes, it is clear to see that they gear their betting markets first and foremost to a North American audience. With markets like college football, baseball, and the WNBA readily available, there is no hiding that 5Dimes enjoys a lot of business from North America.

With that said, however, they do offer plenty of international soccer betting markets as well as betting on golf, tennis, snooker, and cycling from across the globe. Though I would not mind seeing more international betting markets added, their reliance on a North American customer base may eliminates much of the need to vastly broaden the betting markets which they offer.

Odds offered by 5Dimes are undoubtedly some of the best in the business today. Their overall bookmaker margin, that is, the profit margin they make stemming directly from sports betting, is among the lowest in the industry.

While a plethora of other sites see their bookmaker margin approaching and often exceeding 6.5%, 5Dimes consistently keeps theirs under 4.5%. This may not mean much to you, but generally, bookmakers with lower margins are the ones offering better odds. According to a number of sources, 5Dimes consistently ranks in the top 15 sites with the best odds being offered.

Reduced Juice at 5Dimes

For all new depositors, 5Dimes is offering their reduced juice promotion which allows one to wager less, and win more. Essentially, Reduced Juice means you are able to wager minimal amounts (often just 10 or 20 cents) in order to receive better odds. Over the course of the year, Reduced Juice affords you the opportunity to win big without having to risk big.

There are very few limitations to this promotion as you are able to place Reduced Juice wagers on NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events. To learn more about reduced juice, log on to 5Dimes and read all about this awesome promotion.

Deposit Options

The most frequently used deposit method on 5Dimes is without a doubt Visa debit and credit cards. This method of deposit is simple, safe, and rarely causes bettors any trouble. Additional methods of deposit include Bitcoin, Money Orders, and Person to Person. 5Dimes, unlike many other bookmakers, makes depositing funds incredibly fast and simple by offering a large number of deposit methods from which to choose.

Final Verdict

5Dimes’ simplicity may be a little off putting initially, but when you take the time to understand it, it really makes sense. The people at 5Dimes opt out of trying to attract your attention at every turn with free bets and promotions and instead offer you the comprehensive betting experience you logged on to find in the first place.

They offer a wide variety of betting markets complemented perfectly by the number of individual propositions that fall under each market. To prove their worth as one of the top North American-serving bookmakers, 5Dimes also offers comprehensive live and mobile betting options. And, to tie things together, the odds you receive on most every sporting event will be right up there with the best in the industry.

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