bookmaker-lBookmaker has been in the online sportsbook industry for more than 25 years now. Though it may be a bit misleading, Bookmaker has a .eu web address, is based in Costa Rica, and offers its services to those who reside in the United States. Through its 25+ year existence, Bookmaker has accrued a large following from around the world and has also garnered a solid reputation for itself.

What’s more, the fact that Bookmaker caters to high-stakes bettors as well, which makes them just about as versatile as a bookmaker can possibly be. As one of the few remaining bookmakers to offer betting services to people in the United States, it only makes sense that Bookmaker is growing in popularity more and more with each year.

Bookmaker’s 15% First Deposit Bonus – Bonus Code: PICK

When you join Bookmaker, making a deposit of $300 or more will see your player bankroll automatically credited 15% of that initial deposit as a bonus. While you must deposit at least $300, the bonus is huge and allows up to $2,500 bonus dollars to be earned. There is a 4-time rollover, but this is fairly standard for first-deposit bonuses. For all terms and conditions simply visit and read up on their current offering of promotions, which can change from month to month.

**Sign up @ Bookmaker today for your bonus up $2,500 and other perks** Website Layout

Bookmaker’s simple, mostly black layout is easy to follow and even easier on the eye. The sports betting homepage itself is dominated by a small listing of the day’s top events and most popularly betted-upon lines. Listed on the right side of the sports betting homepage are all the other markets upon which you are able to wager. What I really like about Bookmaker’s general layout is that it is very simple; a fact that makes it easy to locate the market you are looking for and subsequently place a wager.

A few convenient tabs towards the top of the sports betting homepage are also extremely beneficial for a punter who may be just a bit unfamiliar with how Bookmaker’s site is set up. Included in these tabs is a “sports schedule” tab where you can see all of the day’s and week’s upcoming events and a “wagering limit” tab that lays out the maximum bets for a variety of different propositions across all sports betting markets.

Additional Features – Mobile and Live Betting

Bookmaker’s BetPoints Rewards program is a great feature that allows you to earn great prizes simply for placing bets. Every time you place a wager you will earn BetPoints that can, after time, be redeemed for cash, gift cards, airline miles, and more. The rewards program has three different levels (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold) that all come with their own perks.

Live betting is another cool featured being offered by Bookmaker, though the live betting aspect of their site leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike Bodog, which covers an extensive number of live sporting events per day, Bookmaker’s live betting options are a good bit more limited.

The mobile betting feature offered by Bookmaker is a fairly standard, non-downloadable application that is compatible with any smartphone capable of accessing the internet. With regard to mobile sports betting, punters are able to bet on most every sports market and can even live bet via Bookmaker’s mobile application.

Odds-Markets Offerings

Bookmaker doesn’t offer the most extensive coverage of sports betting markets, but what markets they do offer they do tend to cover extensively. Being that a lot of Bookmaker’s members are from the United States, their selection of US-based sporting events and leagues is as comprehensive as one could ask for. Sports markets covered by Bookmaker include: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football (American), Tennis, Golf, Motor Racing, Boxing, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Cricket, Rugby, Surfing, and even Politics.

Simply because Bookmakers shifts its focus to mainly include sports from the United States does not mean they skimp on their offering of international sports. Their soccer coverage, for example, extends to cover all major leagues from around the world and even some of the more obscure ones too. As is the case with Bodog, the list of sports betting markets on the left side of the sports betting homepage features a dropdown function which allows you to more easily refine your search and find the market you want to wager upon without having to navigate multiple webpages.

Deposit Options offers members a wider variety of deposit options capable of funding your player account in the blink of an eye. Deposit options include: major debit/credit cards, Neteller, Click2Pay, bank wire, and more. Of all bookmakers catering to a US-based audience, few offer so many deposit options.  Use Bonus Code: PICK

Final Verdict

Bookmaker is a competent sportsbook that is capable of catering to the needs of punters both in the United States and around the world. Their site does not feature any flashy bells and whistles, but instead focuses on delivering a solid betting experience to anyone who makes use of their services. It also has a reputation that goes above and beyond any of their predecessors in the industry have – it’s just that simple and something that isn’t as appreciated as it should be in today’s sportsbook markets.

Their sports betting coverage is not as extensive as some other sites’, but is diverse and inclusive enough to satisfy the needs of most bettors in the United States and around the world. One of the big pluses with regard to Bookmaker’s offering is the Rewards Program that gives members rewards simply for placing bets. Add this to the fact that they offer live and mobile betting options, and you have yourself a strong bookmaker capable of serving even some of the most stringent bettors.

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