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bovada-lvFounded in 2000 by Calvin Ayre, Bodog was initially labeled an entertainment brand but later became almost solely known for their world-renowned offering of internet gambling. Bodog has re-branded to its USA customers as Bovada and offers the same lines and website format as their parent company.

After having worked in the internet gambling industry for many years, Mr. Ayre considered himself to be the perfect person to bring about a new, fresh brand to the market. Bodog quickly became popular in North America and was soon one of the more highly regarded brands in the world.

In 2017, the brand was acquired by PaiWangLuo, a Hong Kong investment company. Despite the purchase of the company, it is widely believed that the longstanding reputation of the brands will continue.

Prior to the passing of UIGEA in 2006, Bodog was regularly seen advertising on US cable television networks. The bookmaker now operates under the Bovada name in the United States, though it must be said that the Bovada and Bodog platforms are identical in basically every way.

Bovada offers an online sportsbook and casino. In 2016, they transferred poker players to Ignition Casino, which does not offer a sportsbook. If you want to bet sports from the people company that brought you Bodog, Bovada is where you want to be.

50% up to $250 Deposit Bonus At Bovada

When you join Bovada and make your first deposit, your player account will be credited an INSTANT 50% bonus up to $250. This deposit bonus is only available for new players and is of course limited to the aforementioned $250 cap.

This means, for example, that if your first deposit was $50, you would begin making wagers with $25 INSTANTLY in your bankroll. As is always the case, terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read up on this promotion fully before activating it.


Banking Options

Deposit options on Bodog include all major credit/debit cards, Rapid Transfer, and Money Transfer (i.e. Western Union). Both Rapid and Money Transfer require you to physically make a deposit at a retail outlet nearest you; however, Western Union is available at literally THOUSANDS of locations in the USA and abroad.

Site Layout

Bodog/Bovada has a fairly standard black and red theme that is similar to what you will find on a number of other bookmakers. The site’s homepage allows you to quickly and easily navigate to the sports betting homepage, which lists the day’s top 5 most betted on lines.

All other betting markets are listed neatly to the left of the sports betting homepage and are equipped with dropdown features as to help you more easily access the betting market you are looking for without having to navigate multiple pages. For example, clicking the “Soccer” drop-down tab will list the available soccer leagues upon which you are able to wager, meaning only one click will yield you the line you are looking for. Website Features

One of the best site features offered by Bodog is their live-betting option. Not every game/match is able to be betted upon, but most notable sporting events are. Bodog tips you off as to whether a specific sporting event is able to be live-betted upon by simply placing a tiny red bubble with “LIVE” in the middle above the given game’s line.

What’s most impressive about the live betting feature is the absolutely insane quantity of live-betting propositions able to be made. The inclusion of live Asian Handicap betting is another aspect of Bodog’s live betting that really sets them apart from most other bookmakers.

**In case you are unaware, Asian Handicap betting is a type of wager that more or less eliminates the possibility of a draw from a soccer match.

Another great feature being offered by both Bodog and Bovada is mobile betting. This non-downloadable web application functions on any smartphone capable of reaching the internet.

Mobile betting with Bodog includes every line and proposition available on the traditional web-based bookmaker platform and is even advanced enough to offer live betting as well. Very few sites offer a mobile application able to cater to the needs of punters always on the move, and even fewer include a live betting feature in that application.

Bodog does offer attractive bonuses such as the refer friend bonus where, if you have one of your friends sign up and deposit, Bovada will credit your account 100% (up to $100) of that friend’s initial deposit as a bonus. Most other bonuses and promotions offered by the bookmaker center around upcoming sporting events such as the World Cup and the Super Bowl.

Odds-Markets at

Bodog/Bovada offer a large number of betting options across what I would describe as a somewhat limited number of betting markets. Seeing as the bookmaker was founded in North America, it has an especially heavy emphasis on North American sports such as hockey, baseball, and American football. There are quite a few international betting options, especially when it comes to soccer, tennis, rugby, and cricket, but Bodog does not go very in-depth with their offering of more obscure sports such as handball or hurling.

Still, what betting markets Bodog does offer are covered extensively and play host to a number of propositions for each and every game as well as a number of team and player proposition bets. Through my experience, Bodog allows you to bet on virtually any and every aspect of a game. This extensive coverage doesn’t extend only to high-profile sporting events, but rather, most every game/match offered by Bodog.

The odds offered by Bodog are about in line with what you would expect from a bookmaker of their size. One thing that does stick out about their odds, however, is the fact that they regularly offer great value on underdog bets. This is definitely an avenue for Bodog to lure in underdog bettors, but it is also a way to hit it big should an unlikely final result fall in your favor.

Final Verdict

After making use of Bodog for a good amount of time, it was clear to me that they were first and foremost a bookmaker that caters to the needs of those bettors who wager primarily on North American-based sports. Their selection of international betting markets is by no means small, but is far from well-rounded.

The site itself functions nicely and offers a good variety of live betting options day in and day out through a live-betting feature that works seamlessly and rarely glitches. Bodog currently has all the basics covered, but needs to work on adding a wider variety of sports betting markets as to satisfy those who wager on more obscure, off the beaten path sports and sporting events.

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