Promo Code and Website Review was established in 2014, operating out of Costa Rica. While they’re fairly new on the scene, management has been hard at work, making intelligent choices and streamlining operations. Using the MyBookie promo code “PICKS” on sign-up gets you 50% up to $3000 deposit bonus.

That’s an excellent deal for those who want to get started with sports betting. Keep in mind they have a minimum deposit requirement of $50 if you want to get in on the bonus. Even if you don’t, they provide multiple deposit methods, all with their own minimum amounts.

Minimum Deposits & Privacy

With Visa and Mastercard the minimum’s $45. If you use ACH, MoneyGram, and Western Union, the minimum goes up to $100. Be warned that using a bank wire transfer will catch you quite steep fee of $2000. At least there are no deposit fees in any of the cases. On the other hand, also looks to the future of crypto-currencies and accepts BitCoin as a payment method.

If you’re looking for top privacy and security in your online betting activities, these guys have the lot. Any time you use your credit card with MyBookie, they list your transaction as if you’ve bought something online. After all, nobody needs to know how you spend your hard-earned money.

Oh, and bonus points for offering a 24-hour withdrawal processing period. You get your cash faster and more reliably than through other services. Of course, there’s also the option to pay extra if you want your money in as little as two days. Just keep in mind that you can’t cash out your MyBookie promo code money, so don’t get any funny ideas. Those credits are just for bets.

Performance of the Website

We found the site responsive on mobile devices – for bettors on the go this is especially useful. Many other providers just cram a desktop version of their website on a small screen. That is the worst thing to do if you’re looking offer functionality for your clients.

They have customer service working 24/7, by phone, live chat or email. So if something is broken, you can let them know immediately. The friendly staff will help you out as soon as possible. They have customer service in both English and Spanish, so that’s a plus.

Not only that, but the calls are toll free. By the way, they’ve even implemented betting by phone call. Not a lot of sportsbooks these days will allow it anymore. Between this and the promo code (using code PICKS) they offer, we don’t know what’s better.

In any case, MyBookie offices are in a jurisdiction with perfectly legal and regulated gambling. They do indeed accept customers from the United States.

Betting Markets mostly concentrate on North American sports betting: NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, MLB, tennis, wrestling, MMA, boxing, etc. Still, they offer something for European/ International bettors as well. Formula 1, soccer (FIFA World Cup, England League, AFC Asian Cup, Argentina Primera Division, etc.), horse racing, international basketball, and others.

Not only that, but MyBookie also offers the possibility of betting on current events: business and politics, religion, entertainment, etc. They even have a section for those of you who enjoy eSports – such as League of Legends. Their live-betting interface could use a little refinement. But then again, most American sites have problems with lagging and freezing.

Other than that, they have a well-stocked casino with multiple games. They range from classics such as American Blackjack, all sorts of Slots, and Roulette, up to Craps and Baccarat. You can also try your luck in their live casinos over an HD stream. If you want the Las Vegas experience without actually being in Vegas, this is the choice for you.

In the near future, plans to offer some standalone casino sites as well. With the first being MYBCasino in which they will offer a HUGE 200% Sign-Up Bonus up to $4000!

All in all, they have a decent amount of things to bet on, compared to other similar services. If you’ve got the bonus out of that MyBookie promo code, you have quite a lot of shots to make some serious cash. Not to mention they have all these great bonuses, which will be discussed below. Bonuses

If you refer a friend to their website, you get a $100 bonus per friend. According to their website, there’s no limit to how many buddies you can bring into the game, so call yours up and tell them about the MyBookie promo code. They’ll enjoy having some bonus cash to spend on all the booking options.

What’s great about is that they want to see you win. For example, if you lost your first bet, they give you a $20 bet on the house. If you’re really down on your luck and keep losing your wagers, don’t fret about it. At 10 bets lost in a row, you get $25 for free to get you back on track. And since they also reward winners, at 10 wins in a row you also get another $25 free bet, and at 20 – a $50 free bet.

They’ve also gone social and know how to reel people in. By joining their community on Facebook or Twitter, your account benefits from a free play. Of course, depending on which sports you bet on, you may find particular bonuses as well.

For MMA and Boxing, you have the Bad Seat Special – if the house favorite loses in the first round, you get a special bonus. Just keep an eye out on the website and you’re bound to keep your winning streak afloat with lots of these special offers.


Don’t Forget the Promo Code

Just as they offer cash back bonuses, bonuses for winning (and losing) – MyBookie also puts their own news and media sections at your disposal. You can find out right away if there are any injuries that might affect your bets. But also, you can keep updated on major leagues.

If you’re ready to step to the next level of sports betting with a high-performing casino website, you’re in the right spot. Secure your MyBookie promo code today and start winning!

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