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skybet-lSkyBet was founded in 2000 after parent company BSkyB acquired a few smaller companies. It wasn’t until 2002, however, until BSkyB’s acquisition of two small bookmakers was rebranded and given the SkyBet name. BSkyB has since acquired a few more small bookmakers in order to transform SkyBet into the large bookmaker that is so well-known today.

SkyBet is incredibly popular in the UK due to its affiliation with the Sky-brand which dominates much of England’s media nowadays. Boasting an interface that emulates Sky Sports and Sky News, SkyBet is familiar to many and very easy to trust. The site is hands down one of the best UK sportsbooks anywhere today!

Skybet Website Layout

If you have ever visited Sky’s sports or news websites, you will find that SkyBet is designed to feel like both. The sports betting homepage has a lot going on but is centrally dominated by the events that are happening live or are upcoming. The homepage also plays hosts to a number of promotions, free bets, and any other facet of their site SkyBet feels like advertising.

As is typical of most online bookmakers nowadays, the wider range of sports betting markets is listed on the left hand side of the sports betting homepage. The actual site interface seems a bit dated and lacks a lot of the useful features you will find on other modern bookmakers. One of the absent features is a drop down menu under each betting market. This deficiency means that one must navigate a few webpages before accessing the betting market of their choosing.

Additional Site Features

One of the best features of SkyBet as a bookmaker is their offering of a large number of promotions and free bets. One of the most notable free bets offered is the Soccer Saturday Super 6. This is a free event that awards £100,000 whoever can correctly guess six soccer final scores. Even if no one guesses all 6, they will award £5,000 to whoever comes closest.

Another great site feature offered by SkyBet is the existence of live-streamed sporting events. Every year SkyBet boasts more than 2,000 live-streamed sporting events, including exclusive coverage of La Liga soccer matches. It must be said, however, that a large portion of their live-streamed events are horse races from across the UK, Europe, and the United States.

SkyBet allows bettors to make mobile bets through a mobile facing website. For those UK-based bettors who have an iPhone or iPad, you are able to download a SkyBet application directly to your device.

Odds-Markets at Skybet

SkyBet is one of the most popular UK bookmakers because it offers bettors an absolutely insane number of sports betting markets, ranging from the most prominent sports and leagues to those you have probably never even heard of in your life.

UK-based sporting events are covered in great detail, but so too is most every other sport and league in the world. Even the most demanding bettors have hailed SkyBet for their inordinately large offering of sports betting markets.

SkyBet’s bookmaker margin, that is, the profits it makes off of sports betting, is a bit higher than average. This means that SkyBet’s odds are generally a bit worse than you will find on other bookmakers.

New Customer Welcome Bonus

SkyBet is giving all people who make first deposits to double up on their first sports wager. Once you make your deposit and begin betting, SkyBet will automatically match your first bet up to £30. It’s really that simple to double your first wager and really kick things off on Sky in winning fashion. For full terms and conditions, simply visit SkyBet and read up on this and their other promotions.

Deposit Options

Unfortunately, the fact that SkyBet is a UK bookmaker means that it does not accept deposits from players residing in the United States. For most other jurisdictions, however, you are able to deposit via credit/debit cards and a few e-wallets, including PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), and Neteller.

Final Verdict

SkyBet is one of the best UK bookmakers in existence and have risen to great popularity through their 10+ year existence. Their offering of sports betting markets is unmatched as it is expansive enough to include all major sporting leagues and even those that are a bit more obscure.

With that great selection, however, comes odds that are not as valuable as you will find on other bookmakers. SkyBet operates at a higher bookmaker margin and, as a result, offers sub-par odds when compared to industry leaders.

Still, with the number of free bets and promotions constantly going on at SkyBet, the higher bookmaker margin can more often than not be ignored. SkyBet offers thousands of live-streamed events per year, mobile betting, and a plethora of deposit options in an effort to make the lives of its members easier.

Thanks again for making your ultimate sports betting picks destination!

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