DraftKings Off To Fast Start In West Virginia

DraftKings Off To Fast Start In West Virginia

The state of West Virginia is now home to a pair of online sportsbooks after FanDuel and DraftKings have finally opened up for business. Both of these online sports betting giants were competing to become the first to open up a mobile sportsbook in the state.

FanDuel was able to beat DraftKings to the punch by a couple of weeks, but both of them have been doing extremely well. DraftKings just recently had its first weekend of offering betting in the state of West Virginia, and it appears like things are going extremely well.

It was no coincidence that DraftKings launched its mobile app just in time for the West Virginia football season to kick off, which helped out in a big way.

DraftKings just recently updated everyone on its success in the first weekend, and the numbers were impressive. The online sportsbook took in over 20,000 bets during the first weekend of being live, and the West Virginia-James Madison football game was the most popular game to bet on.

Mountaineer football fans were extremely fortunate and happy this weekend as the Mountaineers earned a seven-point victory after being favored by just six points.

DraftKings reported that the average wager was right around $25 and that college football was the top sport that was bet on in the opening weekend. The sportsbook suffered losses in three out of the first five days, but the WVU football team had plenty to do with that.

Flash Bet

One of the most popular features of the DraftKings mobile sportsbook app is a feature called Flash Bet. Flash bet is an extremely fast-paced live betting option that gives customers the chance to make several bets during the same game. DraftKings rolled out this feature just in time for Wimbledon earlier this year, and they are expecting to release a football version during the 2019 NFL season.

Currently, Flash Bet is available only for tennis, soccer and Major League Baseball games.

This is the second online DraftKings sportsbook app on the market, with the other one being in the state of Pennsylvania. Even though this sportsbook is very similar to the one that is in Pennsylvania, there are a few differences as well.

People who download the mobile app will not be able to access an online casino, which is the case in Pennsylvania. DraftKings is also planning on unveiling a loyalty rewards program in the future, and the mobile app in West Virginia will include this new feature.

Sports betting in the state of West Virginia has been around for more than a year, having been legalized in August of 2018. West Virginia was the fifth state to legalize sports betting at the time, but now more than a dozen states have made it legal.

Currently, there are three retail betting locations in the state, and a pair of others have been licensed and approved. A few other companies have launched mobile apps in the past, but their operations are currently suspended.