FanDuel’s Insurance Themed Promotions Ensure You Get A Great Deal

FanDuel’s Insurance Themed Promotions Ensure You Get A Great Deal

How frustrating is it when you almost hit a parlay bet? You know the feeling when three of your four selections have come in and just the one lets you down. Wouldn’t it be nice if sportsbooks could recognise just how close we got to landing that win?

Well, the great news is that if you are a customer with the FanDuel Sportsbook then there are a number of different promotional offers on the site that ensure that you will get at least something back, if a parlay bet just falls short.

FanDuel has called them their ‘insurance’ offers and there are a fair number of them available for customers to utilise when parlay betting on the site.

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FanDuel’s Different Insurance-Based Parlay Offers

Let’s take a look now at the different offers available at FanDuel for punters.

  • NBA & Soccer – Same Game Parlay Insurance

The NBA season is well underway and things are heating up nicely as we reach the near midway point of the season. With this offer from FanDuel, simply place a 4 selection same game parlay bet on any NBA or Soccer game and if three of your legs come in, but the fourth lets you down, then you will receive up to $25 of your stake back as a site credit.

  • NHL First Period Insurance

Live betting is great fun as the odds ebb and flow with the changes happening in the game. Once you have opted in to this NHL First Period Insurance offer, simply place a pre-live moneyline wager on any of the featured NGL games. If your team is winning at the end of the first period of the game, but then goes on to lose the match, you will get a refund of your stake up to a maximum of $50 in site credit.

  • UFC Parlay Insurance

    UFC Insurance

UFC Fight Night’s are hugely popular with punters now, especially those that like to bet on the winners of each bout. With FanDuel’s UFC Parlay Insurance, if you correctly predict the winners of four bouts in your five leg parlay bet, but just one fighter lets you down by losing, then you will receive a refund of up to $25 of your bet stake as site credit.

  • Soccer Parlay Insurance

It may not be huge in the U.S. but soccer betting is massive across the globe. If you fancy trying your luck, then FanDuel’s Soccer Parlay Insurance offer is worth a look. Place a 5+ parlay bet on soccer matches from around the world and if you get four of those results correct, but one selection lets you down, FanDuel will refund you your bet stake up to $25 in site credit.

  • NHL Parlay Insurance

The NHL season is well underway now and you can give your parlay bet a boost with the NHL Parlay Insurance bonus. Place a 5+ legs parlay bet on the NHL with FanDuel and if all legs bar one are winners, you will receive back your stake up to a maximum of $25 in site credit.

  • $25 Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance

This is a nice simple offer which allows you to place a Parlay bet of 5+ legs in any sport available on the FanDuel site. If your subsequent bet sees four legs win and just one let you down in your bet, then you will receive up to $25 of your stake back as site credit.

  • College Basketball Parlay Insurance College basketball parlay insurance

March Madness is on the horizon and that means that this is a great opportunity to enjoy FanDuel’s College Basketball Parlay Insurance offer. Simply place a qualifying parlay of five legs or more on College Basketball and if all legs come in bar one, then you will receive back your stake up to a maximum of $25 in site credit.

Remember Opt In To Receive Your Insurance Offer

One thing to note is that you need to opt-in to all these bonus offers apart from the Multi Sport Parlay Insurance offer, where you can simply bet and if your bet qualifies for the offer, you will receive the bonus.

Top opt in to an offer, you simply need to log in to your FanDuel account and then click on the green Opt In button next to the promotion you wish to use before you place your qualifying bet.

Remember also to check the terms and conditions of the offer. Some of the offers require you to make parlay bets from different markets for a single fixture (such as an NBA game), while others allow parlay bets that combine different fixture selections (such as predicting the winner of several NBA or College Basketball games).

As you can see, Parlay betting is hugely popular across the United States and seemingly with FanDuel Sportsbook customers.

With such a wide range of offers, covering a massive choice of sports (and with new deals likely when a new season begins for sports such as the NFL) you can always find a great sports betting insurance deal when Parlay betting at FanDuel!