West Virginia Sports Betting Rundown

West Virginia Sports Betting Rundown

The state of West Virginia has an interesting early-history so far with its sports betting, unveiling retail shops and online betting – only to have the latter pulled off the table in March of this year. Well, things are back to normal (at least from an operational standpoint) with the retail shops still open and mobile betting back on the table.

Greenbriar, in their partnership with FanDuel, was the only operator to have mobile betting up until Wednesday. Most look as this partnership, though, as a way for FanDuel to get their foothold in the West Virginia betting market.

“We are incredibly excited that this new app is available for download,” Greenbriar President Jill Justice said in a statement. “And the timing couldn’t be any better with football season and a military tribute at The Greenbriar right around the corner. We hope sports fans across the state will try out the app and then some visit the amazing FanDuel Sportsbook retail location here at America’s Resort.”

FanDuel has been incredibly busy in the surrounding areas, already raking in over $300 million in New Jersey since the legalization of sports betting. Not to mention, they are starting to gain steam in neighboring Pennsylvania with mobile and retail betting going live just a few months ago.
They’ll be in a great position to increase their revenue once college football and NFL begin their respective seasons.

Not to be outdone, DraftKings, one of the leaders in mobile and retail betting, has their mobile application available for download and use on Wednesday. DraftKings also has a partnership with Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in Jefferson County.

“We are thrilled to continue our DraftKings Sportsbook expansion by getting our product into the hands of West Virginians,” said Matt Kalish, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at DraftKings. “We look forward to serving our fans with the top-rated DraftKings Sportsbook app, that features numerous consumer protection features and strives to provide the broadest selection of betting operations with the best odds and rewards in West Virginia. DraftKings knows the American sports fan better than anyone, and we look forward to proving that in The Mountain State.”

Residents of the state will be able to places wagers of a number of different sports, including basketball, baseball, MMA and soccer. However, we all know that one sport reigns supreme above the rest.

“It was always our goal to be live before the start of NFL,” said Timothy Dent, the chief compliance officer for DraftKings. “You know, this is a heavily regulated industry, and there’s a lot that goes into building this product and delivering this product to West Virginians. It was a lot of coordination, patience, and building this infrastructure out in order to be able to do this.”

West Virginia was the fifth state in the U.S. to offer legal sports betting back in August 2018, and the third to offer mobile betting in December 2018. However, three companies (Delaware North iGaming, Miomni Gaming Ltd., EnterG Software Solutions Ltd.) could not come together on an agreement on who would take control of the sports betting landscape in West Virginia; and that froze everything altogether – until now.