Here at, we have provided several beginning baseball betting topics for players to use in their analysis of MLB and NCAA baseball betting. Baseball is a six months plus marathon of a season, and bettors need to use a variety of factors when trying to determine the outcome of a game. In this section, we’ll give a tutorial of sorts for beginning baseball bettors to help them grow their bankroll.

The Basics

We’ll hammer out the basics for betting baseball, and go over the ground floor for baseball betting. Our baseball betting basics include topics such as the importance of pitching, keeping track of bullpen use, ball park factors and other intangibles.

In addition, we’ll go over the large amount of opportunities a baseball bettor has throughout the season, the importance of being selective, and the importance of not getting caught up in small sample sizes.

Lines and Vig

The way the VIG or price to place a bet in baseball in calculated is different than other American sports. Since baseball has no points spreads, the odds are presented to bettors in moneyline odds. The odds can vary widely, depending on if you are betting a favorite or an underdog, which makes line shopping even more important. Learn more on how the vig in baseball betting works.

For bettors who haven’t bet baseball before, the odds can be a little confusing at first. A key understanding of the odds is essential, along with a good knowledge of the NCAA or MLB players, especially pitchers. For those that don’t want to risk their own money, a betting service can provide top picks for baseball bettors, but these come with a price. For those not yet willing to rely on a betting service, learn how to bet on baseball to maximize your betting success.

Types of MLB Bets

Baseball betting offers players a number of wagering opportunities in addition to just sides and totals with a wide variety of baseball bets. Runline bets are attached with a point spread to moneyline odds and give players a chance to play around with point spreads in baseball betting. Also, traditional parlays are offer along with more exotic bets, such as props, futures, and series bets.

Baseball bettors must be able to diversify their betting options and take advantage of all the different kinds of baseball betting odds and lines. Successful bettors are willing to bet totals and props as well as the individual baseball sides. Books offer props on nearly everything which offer hidden value for bettors.

Once you’re done reading all of our baseball betting for beginner topics, it will be time to move on to our immediate baseball betting topics for an even more in-depth look on how to successfully bet on baseball.

Betting Baseball Online

Online baseball betting is more enjoyable for those who know what they’re doing. For some, online baseball betting seems simple. They handicap the pitchers, think about the lineups, and pull the trigger.

Those who want to consistently bring down profits need to look at the game from other angles, though. Enough statistics exist that it’s possible to quantify almost anything in today’s game. The more you analyze the numbers, the better your online baseball betting results will be when the year comes to a close.

Analyzing Pitcher Performance

One of the center pieces to any successful handicapping approach is being able to analyze pitchers. They control a huge part of the action and have a greater impact on the game than any other player.

So how do you know when a starting pitching is poised for a nice day? It starts by looking at some of the statistics that most people will never consider. While most are looking at ERA and win-loss record, you should be considering how a pitcher is actually pitching.

The following are factors that should be considered in your analysis:

– Strikeout to walk ratio
– Ground ball rates
– Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) or Expected Fielding Independent Pitching (xFIP)
– Home run rates

By taking these things into account, you will have a much better idea of what is actually happening on the field. Pitchers who are striking guys out, limiting walks, and getting plenty of ground ball outs will perform better over the long haul. The FIP statistic is scaled to ERA and provides a better indication of what a player is really doing on the field.

Assessing the Lineups

One thing that never ceases to amaze is the propensity of inexperienced bettors to make their bets without checking the lineups. When doing online baseball betting, you have tons of information right at your disposal. Some players look at the matchup and unload early in the day before they ever consider the matchup.

What happens if you bet on the Twins, only to find out that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are getting the day off? That bet doesn’t look nearly as good anymore, and you certainly won’t be getting great value out of it. Check the lineups and make sure that the team is putting its big guns out on the field.

This is especially important on Sundays and Thursdays, which are traditionally off days for some players.

The Ump and Why He’s Important

When consider totals in your online baseball betting, it pays to handicap the umpire. Some umps are known for their notoriously tight strike zones. Joe West, for instance, has a strike zone that is very unforgiving to pitchers.

If you are planning on betting a pitcher that needs those large outside corners to be successful, then an umpire like this will hurt your chances. Information on umpire trends is readily available online, so make sure you check it out before laying a bet.