Betting on the 2017 MLB All Star Game Festivities

Betting on the 2017 MLB All Star Game Festivities

The Major League Baseball season has turned its attention to the Mid Summer Classic. The All Star Game will take place this weekend, and beautiful Marlins Park, in Miami Florida will be the host of the game. The American League is looking to even up the all time standings in the All Star Game. The All Star Break is more than just the Tuesday All Star Game, as there are festivities that go on the entire weekend. Let’s look at Betting on the 2017 Major League Baseball All Star Game festivities.

Of course, the Futures Game will get going over the weekend. While there are no real bets to be placed on the Futures Game, it is an event you do not want to miss. Many of the top prospects in all of Major League Baseball will get together for a game. If the Futures Game is not your cup of tea, then you may want to check out the celebrity game. This is a slow pitch softball game, and always worth the price of admission. Now, for the betting options during the All Star Game.

While you are going to get sick of hearing about Giancarlo Stanton during this article, there is the name. Stanton is the defending champion in the Homerun Derby, and now he is at home. Look for him to get to the finals, against a guy like Aaron Judge, or even his teammate Justin Bour and get it taken care of. Stanton’s power is ridiculous, and his conditioning makes him a great fit to win this event. Stanton at +165, with Judge at +195 and Bour at +1400 seem to be the best choices for winner.

The odds to win the 2017 All Star Game are pretty event. The National League is listed at 5/6 while the American League is flipped at 6/5. Look for the National League to use a couple of the hometown guys like Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna to get a couple of the big base hits. If Joe Maddon has half a brain, he will let these guys stay in as long as possible. Team that with some strong pitching, and the bet of 5/6 for the National League seems do-able.

Odds to win the 2017 All Star Game MVP have the two guys from Miami at the top. Look for both of them to be in contention, there is no doubt. Giancarlo Stanton seems like the guy that is better suited for a huge game on this stage. Bet on Stanton at 9/1 odds seems like a good bet. If you want someone from the American League, replacement Mookie Betts at 16/1 seems like a really nice bet as well.

There is a look at some of the best bets for the 2017 All Star Games festivities. We hope you do really well in your Major League Betting, and especially with the 2017 All Star Game. Enjoy the action, and best of luck!