Daily Fantasy Sports: Major League Baseball Tips for August 17, 2018

Daily Fantasy Sports: Major League Baseball Tips for August 17, 2018

Today’s slate should be very interesting from a lineup construction standpoint, especially on 2-pitcher sites.

Max Scherzer is in a great spot to have a dominant outing tonight, but is he going to lap the field? I’m not so sure because the field is so good at the lower price range tonight.

Carlos Carrasco is a step down from Scherzer, but I just don’t want the blow-up risk Carrasco brings at home vs. an Orioles team that does have power. I’d much rather take Scherzer, who seemingly has a much, much higher floor in this spot with probably the higher ceiling as well. Cole Hamels seems to be a good option is a good pitchers’ park against a middling offense. I think Hamels would be a good option on other slates, but I don’t think he is necessary here. Lance Lynn has been phenomenal in his 3 appearances with the Yankees. If he goes unowned because of the other options, I will play a good amount of Lynn, just to expose myself to a good pitcher at a cheap price.

The two biggest decisions rest in a similar price range. Robbie Ray and Sean Newcomb are too cheap in most places. Robbie Ray’s stuff is really good. He is having walk issues, walking almost 4 batters per 9 in his last 5 starts, but that isn’t bad enough for me to fade Ray against the Padres. Ray should easily strike out a batter an inning and limit runs reasonably well. I’d be really surprised if Ray has a bad outing and the upside is immense in a spot like this. I think with the name brand, Ray will be the highest owned pitcher on 2-pitcher sites and I really can’t argue it. Sean Newcomb has a little less name value than Robbie Ray in my opinion. Newcomb is younger and has seemingly been out of the talk of the DFS world for most of the year. He isn’t amazing and he is typically priced in a way that makes him a decent play because he is a really talented pitcher. He hasn’t been chalk for a long time and isn’t seen as an elite talent by as many as Ray is. I think Newcomb is a great pivot off of Ray or a great option to pair with him. Newcomb won’t be low-owned to any degree, but I think he will be lower than Ray, which does probably make him a better option than Ray in tournaments.

There are a lot of great hitting options on today’s slate. The Angels vs. Rangers game will most likely be a chalky option and for good reason. The Angels are in a great spot tonight. They are getting a bad pitcher in Hutchison and a ballpark upgrade in Arlington. Shohei Ohtani is easily my favorite play of the game and one of my top plays on the slate. He tends to go overlooked much more than he should and I think this is an elite spot for his talent.

The Indians will be the chalky top-tier stack in tournaments tonight against David Hess, who struggles to miss bats. The Indians have been great at home all year, and this is another great spot to attack them. I like the obvious options at the top, along with Yan Gomes and Melky Cabrera if they crack the lineup tonight.

The Nationals are my favorite pivot off of the chalky Indians. Dan Straily isn’t a gas can, so I don’t know how much I will full stack them in tournaments tonight, but they do have the ability to go off in a spot like this. I really like Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper as mini stacks in this spot. They have seemed to have found their groove recently and I really like this spot for lefties against Straily.

Other stacks to get more contrarian with

White Sox