Do’s and Dont’s of Betting on Spring Training Baseball

Do’s and Dont’s of Betting on Spring Training Baseball

While we are not going to tell you that betting on Spring Training Baseball is the most exciting thing that exists, we are going to talk about the idea of it. Just because you do not like Spring Training, or the games do not matter, or whatever reason you have heard – you can win money in Spring Training Baseball.

While looking over how to bet on Spring Training, we came up with some ideas that you may want to take a look at. Let’s look at the 6 Do’s and 5 Don’t of Betting on Spring Training Baseball.

Here are 6 Do’s to betting on Spring Training Baseball

DO — make sure you understand this is Spring Training Baseball. The teams do not really care who wins the game. The teams do not get too concerned about the result of this game. They are going to get the players they need to, the time they need. Along these same lines, make sure you understand there are often times when you see a team, and they are playing in two places at once. These will be split squads.

DO — look at who is going to be playing in the game. This could make a big deal. Sure, spring training, you see pretty much everyone, but if you find a pretty talented lineup going against someone they should crush, take advantage of it.

DO — understand HOW to bet on Major League Baseball. If this is your first time, you may not know as much as you think. Major League Baseball is bet via the moneyline, but you can also take a look at the runline. Make sure you understand this completely. Read more about our baseball betting for beginners here.

DO — take into account that the regulars that start the game, will likely not be the one’s that end the game. Can you imagine if this happened in the regular season, and a different random pitcher tried to get the final out of the game?

DO — watch for trends. Sure, teams may be playing well. Winning streaks, and for that matter, losing streaks are important in Spring Training. Just like we say with other sports streaks, ride the hot streak.

DO — your homework. This is just like betting any other sport at anytime. Make sure you check out information about each of the teams you are going to be betting on. Check out what the manager and the team has been saying prior to the game. This may go a long way in you being successful as a bettor.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things we suggest you DON’T do when betting on Major League Baseball during Spring Training!

5 Things NOT to Do When Betting on Spring Training

DON’T — get too up and down about one of two wins in a row. Same for the losing side. It should not kill you and your bankroll if you do not win the first game, or lose two in a row.

DON’T — worry too much about an early score. It’s Spring Training. If the opponent scores early, there is no reason to freak out. Do not get to upset if your team struggles early.

DON’T — forget to use great bankroll management. Make sure you are taking care of what is yours, and leaving everything else to others. Make sure you are only betting what you think you are okay to lose that not.

DON’T — forget to check out teams and players that are red hot. A team that is red hot may be able to ride the streak for awhile. Of course in saying that, all streaks come to an end.

DON’T forget to make sure you know who is going to be the starting pitcher. Sure, this is not as big of a deal during Spring Training as it is regular season. But, the starting pitcher sets the role for many of the games, and that’s in Spring Trainer. A dominating starting pitcher can ruin the day for many teams.

DON’T get too crazy with a ton of bets in the same night. Make sure you understand what you are betting on, and how much you are going to bet. This is much like the bankroll management, but in the end – be smart with your money, and bet on winning teams!

Major League Baseball is a great time. Sure, Spring Training can be a little boring and slow most of the time, but every day of Spring Training means a day closer to the start of the season. Spring Training games will see guys that we have never seen before, and may never hear from again. It gives everyone a chance to compete on the big stage.

Enjoy the rest of the Major League Baseball Spring Training season. The regular season will be here soon, and the talk of Spring Training will be long gone. If you know what you are doing, great, go for it. But if you do not, make sure you keep these do’s and dont’s in mind.