MLB: Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Tips for August 31, 2018

MLB: Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Tips for August 31, 2018

Today’s slate is a full one and that always brings a lot into play. There are expensive and cheap pitchers and hitters that are all viable tonight, which I really like. In these situations, I want to spot where I can get a good play for low ownership and really attack it. There are a couple of spots that I want to attack from a tournament perspective, so that’s how we will attack this slate.


*These pitchers are listed in my overall preference of them, which includes price and ownership.*

Michael Kopech is my favorite leverage play on the slate. This isn’t the best option on the slate, but he has the potential to create a lot of leverage and post a great score tonight. Kopech is super, super talented and he has fixed his main issue. He walked people a lot. In the first half of the year, Kopech walked almost 5 batters per 9. In his last 52 innings, he has walked 4 guys.

Kopech has obviously addressed this issue and is now on track to become really good, really fast. In this matchup, Kopech is very expensive, which will keep people off of him. The Red Sox have allowed more gems than you’d think recently and I think Kopech is the next one on the list.

Austin Gomber is a talented kid that has figured out some swing and miss stuff. In my opinion, today’s baseball more than ever requires pitchers to be able to miss bats. There are so many things working against a pitcher like launch angles, that just avoiding contact is the only way to ensure there are no problems. Gomber has added a slider to his pitch mix and it has made him a better pitcher. He no-hit Cincinnati the first time out and I expect good results again here.

If Framber Valdez doesn’t have a pitch count, he is one of my favorite guys on the slate. He has massive potential and his ability to strike guys out is always nice in GPP’s. The ballpark and matchup are both rather neutral for me, so at a decent price tag, I’ll take the upside here in Valdez

Luis Severino isn’t necessary, but he is my #1 raw points pitcher on the slate and that counts for something. He seems to have found himself again and this Tigers offense never scares me away. Severino’s only concern is the hunch that he could be tipping pitches, but that’s just noise for now.


The Twins are facing Drew Hutchison. He’s bad. The only problem is that this Twins lineup isn’t great. Eddie Rosario’s injury really hurts the upside and I’m stuck looking to Tyler Austin to hit the big home run to break the game open. I love Astudillo if he is in the lineup, but the rest aren’t great. I will play Twins for the matchup and hope the lack of talent on the pitching side is more prevalent here.

The White Sox are my favorite cheap, low-owned stack. Nathan Eovaldi is just “eh.” He has been great at times this year, but a lot of that rests on stats that imply regression is coming and I think the White Sox may be able to take advantage. Eovaldi is a fastball guy. He sets everything up with the fastball and the White Sox may be able to hit that a long way. The White Sox K a lot, but they also have a lot of power. Look to them for a few power bats with a lot of leverage on the field.

The Cubs also get a leverage spot vs. Nick Pivetta. Pivetta has great stuff, but he has inconsistencies. The Cubs are such a good offense, that these inconsistencies may lead to his downfall tonight. If the Cubs get him out of there, they can pick on the bad side of the Phillies’ bullpen, which means a lot of upside potential.