Betting Picks for the First Round of the NBA Playoffs

Betting Picks for the First Round of the NBA Playoffs

The National Basketball Association postseason has arrived. The regular season got rolling in October, and in April, we have arrived at the postseason. The first round is always interesting and typically provides some great, exciting action. Let’s take a look at a few of our betting picks for the First Round of the NBA Playoffs.

Oklahoma City Thunder in 7 Games over Houston Rockets

The Oklahoma City Thunder are +6600 to win the NBA Finals. The Thunder are hard pressed to win 16 postseason games and take down the Western Conference. But, they have the chance to pull this upset. Russell Westbrook is a manchild and will take over these games when he needs to.

Sure, James Harden of the Houston Rockets is also great, but late in games, Westbrook is the guy to go to. The Houston Rockets are +1200, which is fourth to win the NBA Title. Look for Oklahoma City to do it, and pull an upset in this series. We are betting on the Oklahoma City Thunder in 7 games over the Houston Rockets.

Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 Games over Indiana Pacers

Paul George and the Indiana Pacers have been hot as of late, but this is a whole new ball game. The Cleveland Cavaliers have fared well this season against the Pacers, and this will be no different. LeBron James is well rested after sitting out the final two regular-season games, and the Cavaliers are playoff ready.

This is the defending NBA Champion, and despite their struggles are still the best team in the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers are +250 to win the NBA Finals again this season, which is only behind Golden State. The Indiana Pacers are +15000 to win the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Indiana Pacers.

Golden State Warriors in 5 Games over the Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard is good enough to help Portland win one game in this series. It’s likely going to be in Game 4 to keep their season alive. In a 7 game series, the Trail Blazers have no chance to take down the back to back Western Conference Champions. The Golden State Warriors are the top scoring team in the league, and Portland has no answer for them.

The Warriors have Kevin Durant back and are the Vegas favorites to win the NBA Finals. The Warriors are listed at -110 to win the NBA title. The Portland Trail Blazers had to chase down the Denver Nuggets to reach the postseason, so they have some momentum. But, the problem is – they are not good enough. Portland is +25000 to win the NBA Finals. Golden State wins this series in 5 games.

Washington Wizards in 7 Games over the Atlanta Hawks

In a very underrated series, this is going to be thrilling. The guard combination of John Wall and Bradley Beal has been tough to defend. The Hawks were a strange team late in the season with a long losing streak, followed by a couple big wins late in the season.

This series is going to go the distance, and the difference is going to be the home team. The Washington Wizards are +3300 to win the title, while Atlanta is +10000. The Wizards win this series in 7 games over the Hawks.

Best of luck with all your NBA Betting. There should be some great games to bet on. The first round of the NBA Playoffs always provides some profitable opportunities. Enjoy the games, and hopefully, you enjoyed our betting picks for the first round of the NBA Playoffs.