Night in and night out you can find some of the best NBA betting odds at any sportsbook online. The NBA plays 82 games per year, and injuries and hot/cold streaks are major keys to the entire league.

The NBA odds are based a bunch on those factors. When you are looking at NBA odds, here are a few of the types of bets you can make and how to study up on lines, teams and box scores. Check out the article below and get a little more informed on how to properly bet on the NBA

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Types of NBA Lines

One of the best types of NBA odds is betting on the moneyline. Moneyline wagers are based on who oddsmakers feel is the favorite and who the underdog is. The favorites will pay out less money, which is pretty obvious. If you are betting on an underdog when looking at NBA lines & odds, you have a chance at winning more money than you wagered. A favorite will look like this: -120 or -145, while the underdog will be receiving plus or (+) money – +150, +130, etc.

Point spread betting is probably the most common type of bet when viewing the NBA lines and odds. The odds makers will place the favorite and give them a certain amount of points they have to win by. The underdog will receive points to use to “cover the spread”. An example of point spread betting with NBA odds looks like this:

  • Favorite: Los Angeles Lakers -7.5
  • Underdog: Los Angeles Clippers +7.5

In point spread betting, if you bet on this game, the Lakers would have to win by 8 points or more to “cover the spread”, while the Clippers can lose by as many as 7 or win the game, to cover the spread.

Another type of betting done with NBA odds is a totals bet. Totals are when the two teams playing combine for a certain amount of points. Odds makers do all their statistics and come up with the number. As a bettor in NBA odds, you can elect whether you think the team teams will combine for more (over) or less (under) than is set.

Good luck with all your NBA odds. The odds are released either the night before a game, or the morning before a game. Check out all the trends before putting money on NBA odds.

Total Points (Over/Under)

NBA scores can range from the 70’s into the 100’s. Bettors get a chance to essentially bet on the total score — more popularly known as the Over/Under — of each game. This allows bettors to see how many points the odds makers feel will be scored in the game, and predict whether they think there will be more or less.

Many times when you look for a NBA score, you can seperate the games listed by the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. You can sometimes also seperate them by division. In the Eastern Conference, the Atlantic, Central and Southeast Divisions play, while the Western Conference have the Pacific, Southwest and Northwest.

Researching Box Scores

Another aspect of showing NBA scores, will be a box score. A box score will show each team and their individual player stats. This will give you an idea of which player was the leading scorer, who had the most rebounds, and how each team shot the basketball. NBA scores give alot of detailed information on the game played.

When betting, be sure to study NBA scores. Not that the previous scores are the know all, say all in sports betting, but you can follow trends off NBA scores. This can show which teams score alot of points, and which teams keep games low scoring. Follow NBA scores and bet accordingly.