Through the course of an 82 game season, the most looked at aspect in basketball is the NBA standings. Standings tell how the teams in the league are doing. Both the Western Conference standings and the Eastern conference standings change each and every day, and determine what 16 teams make the playoffs. Here are a few things to know about NBA standings for the next time you check them out.

What NBA Standings Consist Of

NBA standings include the following categories: “W”, “L”, “PCT”, “GB”, “Home”, “Road”, “DIV”, “CONF”, “PF”, “PA”, “DIFF”, “STRK” and “L10”. Let’s take a look at what all of these categories mean within NBA standings.

“W” means the amount of wins a team has, and “L” is the times they have lost during the season. There are no ties in the NBA, so the win/loss record for a team is the first thing a fan looks at. When you are looking at NBA standings online, many times you can click on the category and it will list them in order of which team has the most wins, or the most loses.

“PCT” is their win percentage. To determine a win percentage, take the number of total games a team has played and divide it by their wins. With uneven schedule, many times the “PCT” is what you need to look at when determining what team is on top of the NBA standings.

“GB” determines how many games behind first place a team is. The next two are the records of the teams when playing at home, and when playing on the road. Many teams are much better when playing at home than they are on the road. When you are betting on a NBA game, check out this aspect of the NBA standings to get a better grasp on the result of the game.

The next two categories in the NBA standings show the record of a team against their own division “DIV” and their conference “CONF”. Some teams do real well against their own division, while struggling against the other division. By checking out this aspect of the NBA standings, you can see who your favorite team has made most of their hay against.

The next two categories are the points for “PF” and points against “PA”. This tells us how many points a team is averaging and how many points they are allowing. To determine the highest and lowest scoring teams in the league, check out the NBA standings and look for the “PF” and “PA”. The next category “DIFF”, shows the difference between the points scored and points against. A (+) means they are averaging more points than they are giving up, while the (-) means they are getting outscored, on average.

The final two categories in NBA standings, “STRK” and “L10” show how a team has been doing recently. The first is their current streak. This will tell you whether a team has won 3 in a row or lost 7 in a row. The final category is how a team has done in their past ten games. This could show 5-5 or 10-0.

Be sure to check out and follow NBA standings all season long. They change a bunch early in the season, but as the season gets going some of the interesting trends come from categories outside of the traditional “wins” and “losses”.

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