promotions15welcomebonusThe NCAA Basketball season features a ton of great action from all over the country. NCAA Men’s Basketball really gets started around Thanksgiving and of course ends during the final days of March and first few days of April when the NCAA championship is ultimately decided.

During the end of February and early March weeks, there is rarely a moment where bettors cannot find action to wager on. With so many great rivalries and conferences it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular seasons of the year when the college men start hooping it up in hopes of cutting down the nets for a National Title. Anyways, let’s take a look at some of the types of bets within NCAA Basketball.

Main Types of NCAA Basketball Bets


  • NCAA Basketball Point Spread Betting – The most traditional form of betting within NCAA Basketball. This gives one team points and takes away points from another team. When a team is the “favored” they have to win by a certain amount of points. The team that is the “underdog” has to win or lose by less than those points to “cover”. For example a point spread bet would look like this: Syracuse – 6.5 @ St. John’s.
  • NCAA Basketball Moneyline Betting – In moneyline betting, there is no line. This simply is picking which team will win the game. Most of the time, there is a distinct team that is the “favorite”, but some games are so close there really is no favorite and you can get close to even money for picking the right winner. When a team is a huge favorite to win the game, the less money you win by picking them to win.
  • NCAA Basketball Future Bets – A future bet in NCAA Basketball is when you are wagering on something that will happen in the future. You can wager at the beginning of the season or even well before the season starts, who you feel will win the NCAA Tournament. Teams will have certain odds, and most of the time, the odds allow for bettors to receive good money if they choose correctly. As the season goes, the odds for that team may reduce or increase, depending on their performance on the court.
  • NCAA Basketball Parlay Bets – When making a parlay bet, you are wagering on several teams all within one bet. You can elect to bet on several teams to win the game, or “cover the game”, and have a chance to win more money. The more teams you place on a parlay, the worse your odds get, but the more money you can win increases. In a parlay bet, ALL your teams must win, or the bet is no good.
  • NCAA Basketball Prop Bets – Prop bets are not always available for all NCAA Basketball games. Several of the big ones include prop bets. A prop bet is a wager on a certain action throughout the game. A prop bet could be: “Who will score the first basket of the game” or “Will the first possession be a score or a turnover?”
  • NCAA Basketball Total Bets – More commonly known as “over/under”. Total bets have the odds makers place a certain amount of points both teams will score, and then bettors can decide whether they feel the two teams will score more (over) or less (under).
  • NCAA Basketball Teaser Bet – A teaser bet is a bit like a parlay bet, where you wager on several teams onto one. The teaser part is where the book gives you a certain amount of points to help you either way to make your bet more to your liking. For example: a 7 point teaser on: Illinois – 6 @ Indiana, Villanova -5 @ DePaul and Auburn + 11 @ Kentucky. You can use those seven points to lower or raise the odds of any of the three games. In a teaser bet, you must win all three games for the bet to win.

Best NCAA Events to Bet On


  • NCAA Tournament – “March Madness” – 65 teams, and 64 games. If you win, you move on. If you lose – you are done. Always makes for some exciting action. The number one cause of lack of production in the office.
  • Conference Tournaments – Held right before the NCAA tournament. Most of the conferences in college basketball have tournaments. After teams meet twice during the regular season, the teams get together for a tournament with the winner getting an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Always some thrilling games played in Conference Tournaments.
  • Big Monday action – ESPN has some excellent Big East and Big 12 games on Monday nights. These can be fun to bet on, especially while watching during the winter months.
  • Big Ten/ACC Challenge – Held at the end of November and early part of December, two of the best conferences in the nation get together and battle each other. Match-ups such as North Carolina vs. Michigan State and Duke vs. Ohio State go on during this challenge.
  • Rivalry Games – College Basketball provides some awesome match-ups that involves rivals during the entire season. Rivalry games such as Duke/North Carolina, Kentucky/Florida, Syracuse/Villanova are huge events and always broadcasted on TV. Be sure to get some action on these games!

Helpful Tips When Betting on NCAA Basketball


  • Know who is at home: More than anything else in the game of college basketball, the home team has the advantage. The crowd is in their favor, and they do not have to do all the traveling that the road team does. Teams are more comfortable at home.
  • Know who officials are: In what started in professional basketball has trickled down to college basketball. Unfortunately the officials in a game matter. Some officials have the tendency to call more fouls, which could benefit one team or the other – and vice versa.
  • Understand the styles of play of both teams: The game may be between a team that has a tough time scoring against a team that is very good defensively. This would be a red flag for a low scoring game possibly.
  • Know the trends of both teams: Understand whether one of the teams is on a huge winning streak or losing streak. Check out who the teams have played recently, and how they have fared.
  • Follow the lines closelyWatch where the line starts, and where it goes leading up to the game. Keep an eye on the line and check around for why the line is moving one way or the other.
  • Check the injury report: Obviously before you make a bet, you need to make sure a key player from one of the teams is not hurt and unable to play. This makes a big difference in the world of college basketball.

Conclusion on NCAA Basketball Betting

College Basketball is a great game that provides ton of up and down the floor action. There are always great games to wager on, and it’s important you bet on only the games you feel you have an advantage on. Just because there are a ton of games, does not mean you should make a ton of bets. Find your winners and bet on them – and you have the potential to win money betting on NCAA Basketball.