Betting Northwestern Wildcats at Michigan Wolverines Spread, Total and MoneyLine

Betting Northwestern Wildcats at Michigan Wolverines Spread, Total and MoneyLine

The best two defensive teams in all of college football will get together on Saturday in Ann Arbor. Big Ten supremacy may also be on the line, as they are both vying to climb to the top of the standings. This game will take place at Michigan Stadium, or as many call it the Big House on the campus of the University of Michigan. The Wildcats of Northwestern come into the game ranked 13th in the nation.

The Wildcats have wins over Stanford, Duke and Minnesota on their 2015 resume thus far. Northwestern will host the Iowa Hawkeyes next week. On the other side, the Michigan Wolverines lost their first game of the season to the Utah Utes. That loss does not look as bad now, as the Utes are ranked 5th in the country. Since that loss, the Wolverines have outscored their four opponents 122-14.

Taking the Road Team Against the Spread in this One

The Northwestern Wildcats are for real. They come into this game after a couple impressive wins on the season. They are not getting a lot of respect in this game, as they are a a touchdown underdog in the Big House. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough to play in Michigan, and Coach Harbaugh has his team playing extremely well. In the end, this will be a slugfest, so hard for me to imagine that it will get out of hand, over a touchdown.

The bet to make in this game is the road team, the underdog, and the team that has yet to lose in 2015. My bet for the Northwestern/Michigan battle royale on Saturday afternoon is the Northwestern Wildcats +7 over the Michigan Wolverines.

While Defenses Rule in this One; Betting the Over is the better Bet

The two teams have incredible defenses, but the total for this game is set too low. THe Michigan Wolverines and Northwestern Wildcats should be able to get to 20, at least. I know, both teams are allowing less than that, but something has to change. I expect both teams to get to 20; something like a 24-21 final in this game.

All week we will hear about how great the defenses is, and in the end, a team will need to score late to win the game. I am going to bet the OVER 35 in this game at the Big House.

Wildcats on the MoneyLine worth the Risk

I mentioned earlier about how Pat Fitzgerald’s team is for real. They are not getting the respect they deserve. If they can go to Michigan and win this game, they will move into the Top 10, and be a contender for the one of the final four spots. The Wildcats are going to bring their big boy shoes to the Big House in this one. I do not expect Northwestern to be overtaken by the venue, and they will take care of the football. The Northwestern Wildcats are at +250 according to moneyline.

If you are not familiar with how that works, for every $10 you were to put on Northwestern, they would win you $25. A $100 bet would turn to $250 winnings, if you took the underdog Wildcats with the moneyline Of course, you are betting against the team that is supposed to win, but Michigan has lost once, why not again? It’s worth a look to bet the Northwestern Wildcats at the moneyline of +250.

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