2019 NFL Draft Picks and Impact on Fantasy Football

2019 NFL Draft Picks and Impact on Fantasy Football

The NFL Draft is over, and that means that we now know where some of the top prospects are going to be playing their first few seasons in the NFL and I think the landing spots are easily the most important part in evaluating these players.


I think there are only two fantasy viable QBs in this draft class due to situations. Those two QBs are Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins. Kyler is the talk of the class, and I have a lot more concerns than most, and I will not be surprised to see him struggle way more than people expect. The thing Kyler has going for him is that he’s their only hope and he is going to create fantasy points, even if they come with a lot of struggles at times. I am lower on Murray than most, so I will likely avoid, but I wouldn’t hate getting him in any format. Haskins was my favorite player in the draft class because of the little things and the growth I saw in his film, and I think he wins the QB job to start the season because he is WAY more ready than people think he is. I will like Haskins as a backup to start the season over Murray at their draft positions.

Running Back:

Running back is almost 100% situation based and that I why I am also relatively down on Josh Jacobs. First of all, Jacobs isn’t behind the best line in football, and I really question his talent compared to other guys on the field. Jacobs tested HORRIBLY at his own pro day and never got more than 10 touches a game in a season. Can Jacobs be a workhorse RB with lackluster athleticism? I’ll wait and see before I take him high on the board.

There aren’t a ton of great RB situations in the draft, but I think that Sanders, Montgomery, Hill, and Henderson are all good. Sanders is a good back who is a safe prospect that I like. The Eagles lack running back depth so he is a hot topic, but they notoriously like a RB-by-committee, so I’m not all in there. I like Henderson the most in best ball. Henderson was elite in college, and the Rams’ situation is really interesting. There is talk that the Rams are showing signs of a lack of trust in Gurley’s health. If Henderson gets on the field, he is in the best situation to turn into an elite FF player. Both Montgomery and Hill are in relatively crowded back fields, but it is assumed that they will be given the opportunity to win a role on the team from day 1.

Wide Receiver:

There are a thousand potential wide receivers that can get into the picture this year, so I am going to focus on the guys that got the biggest boost following the draft.

Parris Campbell was my favorite receiver prospect in this entire class going into the draft because there was a fatal flaw in the scouting on Parris Campbell. Since Ohio State never asked him to run deep routes, it was assumed he couldn’t do it. I think that is incorrect and I think it was a massive oversight. Campbell is way bigger and stronger than other receivers in his mold like Hardman and Hollywood Brown, who we will get to later. Campbell is a better athlete than both of them too. Reports out of Colts camp are that the Colts are “in love,” he “was the best player on the field,” and he showcased this hidden route tree at all three positions, something that everyone assumed he would have to develop over a long period of time.

N’Keal Harry is in a great spot in an elite offense to take a lot of Rob Gronkowski looks from day one. Gronk has been the 1 on 1 target for the Pats for years, and that is why a lot of people expected them to draft a TE. Instead, they drafted a wide receiver that had a similar 1 on 1 ability. The Pats haven’t been scared to play rookies early.

Terry McLaurin is a guy that will likely gain a lot of steam through the beginning of the year because of the situation. McLaurin will have the opportunity to be the top target for the Redskins on week 1. That isn’t something we can say with many guys, and I think be will be basically disregarded until we start to hear the hype. Playing with his college QB will also help with the chemistry early. We often see backup QBs over target a fellow practice squad guy that they are comfortable with. If Haskins wins the job, I expect McLaurin to be his favorite target early in the year.

My biggest drop was Marquise Brown. I hate this pick for both sides. I think Brown is overrated as a receiver because I think his hands are eh and I think he is REALLY small. Actually, we know he is REALLY small. My question here is why would a team with a run first QB draft a WR in the first round that will be horrible at blocking his entire career, has drop issues from time to time, and has a really small catch radius compared to guys like N’keal Harry, who is on the board. I think that it’s going to be basically impossible for Brown to live up to his draft position as WR1 and I will let him go to guys that are higher on the talent.