NFL DFS: Best Offensive Stacks in 2018

NFL DFS: Best Offensive Stacks in 2018

Daily fantasy football and even season-long to a lesser extent can require proper correlation to get you to where you want to be. Identifying players that should benefit from each others success should benefit you greatly. If you can find 2 pairs of just 2 guys that you believe are positively correlated, you create more potential for your lineup to be really good.

For example, when creating a lineup, you must fill 9 positions with situations you like. Finding 9 completely unrelated plays that all go off is asking for a lot on any given week. If you find 2 pairs of players that you think are positively correlated, you have to have less success in predicting the outcomes of situations. Let’s say you think the Falcons offense is in a good spot and Matt Ryan is cheap. In a DFS lineup, you should probably play Matt Ryan and Julio Jones together.

Odds are both do really well if one of them does. If you are right, you filled 2 spots in your lineup with good plays only by predicting one outcome. This gives you a massive leg up on the field. Let’s talk about possible correlations to look for this season.

Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara are one of the best situations to attack this year. They have a good defense who should get the ball in their hands rather often. They also have a great O-line, which benefits an offense greatly. The Saints also possess one of the most predictable touches out there, especially in the red zone. With Mark Ingram out, we expect Kamara to be getting a good amount of touches and Michael Thomas is their clear #1 WR option.

If the Saints score 42 points in a game, odds are Kamara has 2, Brees has at least 4 and Thomas has at least 1. That is a stack that could easily help you take down a GPP. The Saints will have a few big games and I think this stack will almost definitely be a massive part of them.

The Steelers entire offense is a stack that I think may be in play this season. I think early on, I will be attacking the cheaper options within the offense, simply because of what I think the Steelers will do this season. Supposedly, they are going to run more hurry-up offense and they have even more weapons this year with a more experienced JuJu and James Washington coming aboard. This team is going to spread the wealth and score a lot.

I don’t think it’s the AB and Lev Bell show anymore and I will be targeting the cheaper options in hopes that they are the ones who score the touchdowns. Playing any combination of Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington, and Vance McDonald will be a viable stack on any given week and it’s just up to you to fit them in when you think the spot is right.

Let’s talk about a more unique one that I think I will play multiple times this season. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey sound like it will capture all of the Panthers offense this season and they both have the ability. Most people don’t stack a QB and RB often because they are said to be negatively correlated, but that shouldn’t be the case here for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Either one of these guys can run for a touchdown and vulture the other player’s production. If you play CMC, it’s possible you lose 2 extra TD’s because Cam ran them in and vice versa. Second of all, CMC will have a game this year with 10+targets and would you use a receiver with Cam? Of course, you would. CMC can put up receiving stats with Cam that help elevate each other.

If the Panthers score 35 points, I’d be pretty surprised if you didn’t get 5 TD’s out of these 2 and you can even get more than that. Cam could throw for 3 and run for 1 while CMC catches one and runs for one. That would be a great fantasy stack that week and it shouldn’t be owned by the masses