NFL Week 12 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 12 Betting Odds and Predictions

Jaguars (-3) Vs. Bills:

At the beginning of the year, this line is probably close to double digits. The Jaguars have not really been injured. They basically returned every single key player that they had last year. This team was ten minutes away from going to the Super Bowl. This Jaguars team was never really that good in my opinion because of their holes. This Jags defense has this same problem that a lot of dominant defenses. They get a little arrogant and the good coaches show the solution. We saw the 49ers show off what you need to do and now teams are starting to copy them. The Jags are elite against 11 personnel and average against everything else. They want to play a pretty standard game.

The Bills don’t really have anyone that can burn the Jags in any formation this week and I really don’t know how they will move the ball. I want a good coach, mobile QB, or receiving threat out of the backfield or the TE to really beat the Jags, and I do not see it here. Give me the Jags in a bad football game to watch that is wrapped up pretty early.

Browns (+3) Vs. Bengals:

The Browns offense has been much better in their last 2 games under Freddie Kitchen. I think they are doing everything they can to make Baker Mayfield feel comfortable and let him shine, which he has recently. The Bengals defense has gotten THRASHED recently and I don’t know why that would stop here. The Browns have 2 NFL quality starters at the RB position, a top end receiver in Jarvis Landry, a potential star talent in David Njoku at TE, and the number one pick at QB. This offense is talented and a good coaching staff would likely have this offense rolling. Maybe this coaching change is what they needed and I will bank on that vs. this Bengals defense. The other big thing here is that the Browns are coming off of a bye and should be much healthier. The Brown have played way more snaps than any other team this game and it clearly started to wear on them. They should be much fresher this week and I love them here even outright.

Giants (+6) Vs. Eagles:

I have been hating on the Eagles since the middle of last year and I am not stopping now. The Eagles were just never that good. Yes, they won the Super Bowl. The matchups were perfect, the situations couldn’t have been better and they were extremely motivated. Now, this team looks like I thought they were the whole time. The secondary is horrible. The offensive talent is subpar. I can’t give this team 6 points vs. basically any team with talent. Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley are the 2 most talented players on that field and I can’t hel but take the best players and 6 points. The Giants are not good, but neither are the Eagles and that is starting to shine. Again, sometimes it takes a team or 2 to show the way of how to beat a team and the Eagles have been exploited multiple times. The Giants should be able to keep this game close and cover here.

Seahawks Vs. Panthers (-3.5):

The Panthers are the better team, only giving up 3.5 points while the Seahawks are coming across the country for a 1:00 PM EST start. The Seahawks have relied on home field for a long time and really struggled on the road. The Panthers are a team that has also been much better at home. I think that the Panthers make a statement and show that they’re for real after that blunder last week. Christian McCaffrey is too explosive for the Seattle defense and he will be the difference maker here. The Panthers’ LBing group is also really capable of containing Russell Wilson.