NFL Week 13 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 13 Betting Odds and Predictions

Broncos Vs. Bengals (+5):

This matchup is between two different teams that are going two completely different ways. Before the third quarter of the Browns’ game, the Bengals had defended 17 straight drives without forcing a punt. THAT IS HORRIBLE. This Bengals’ defense is just horrible, but I think that the Broncos offense is not capable of just blowing the doors off of the Bengals’ defense. Courtland Sutton has not performed yet after the Demaryius Thomas trade like a lot of people had hoped he would. Case Keenum is not super capable of just lighting up the defense without any mistakes. This is also a letdown spot for the Broncos after beating the Chargers and the Steelers on back to back weeks. I am scared that we just see the Broncos don’t really show up here on the road. Jeff Driskel is not a horrible player, although he is not good. Driskel is athletic enough to be annoying for the defense in the run game and he has all of his weapons back in this game with A.J. Green getting healthy.

Bears (-4.5) Vs. Giants:

This is simply the Bears’ defensive line vs. the Giants’ offensive line for me. The Giants O-line is really bad and the Bears have one of the best overall defenses and defensive players in the league. Last week, we heard Odell Beckham Jr. talk about how the coaches didn’t scheme to get him involved more vs. a horrible Eagles’ secondary. Maybe, that forces the coaching staff to really try to attack the best matchup to deal with the national media, but I just don’t think they’re capable of doing that. Chase Daniels starting does not scare me off of this line at all either, as he isn’t asked to do a ton and is a capable backup.

Panthers (-3.5) Vs. Buccaneers:

The Panthers offense should just eat against the Bucs this week. This line is deflated because the Panthers lost and the Bucs won big last week. I just think that the loss of Devin Funchess actually helps the Panthers in this spot. This gets D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, and CMC more touches with the loss of Funchess. Funchess is a talented receiver, but he doesn’t have the explosiveness to beat the Bucs’ defense like these younger guys. I think that the Panthers win here by over a touchdown and put up a lot of yards.

Browns (+5.5) Vs. Texans:

The Browns are extremely talented and no one really knows it. I love this Browns roster and I still insist that if they started training camp with Bill Belichick as their head coach instead of Hue Jackson, they would be in Super Bowl talks at this season. With the new offensive coordinator, Freddie Kitchens, Baker Mayfield has thrived and the Browns have produced against 2 bad defenses. Now, the Browns face a much better team in the Texans. I believe that this Browns’ defense is capable of really frustrating Watson and keeping this game closer and even possibly winning outright here with the Texans on a short week.

Chiefs (-15) Vs. Raiders:

I think if we took every single possible matchup in the NFL and simulated them 1000 times, disregarding location, I think this may be the biggest spread in the league between 2 teams. Maybe the Saints are bigger favorites over the long-term because their defense is much better than the Chiefs, but this is the best matchup for this Chiefs offense. The Raiders are slow. Very slow. Have you seen the Chiefs offense? How do you think they will do vs. a slow defense? I think the Chiefs could score 60ish points here if the Raiders could keep up. The thing that makes me just bite the bullet on the massive spread here is the lack of Raiders’ running game. I have no faith in the Raiders holding the ball for long enough to stop the Chiefs’ offense.