NFL Week 14 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 14 Betting Odds and Predictions

Ravens vs. Chiefs (-6.5):

The Kansas City Chiefs’ offense is elite and the Ravens’ defense has been elite as well. What this is going to come down to is QB play from two young guys. I trust Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense to go get points on any team they face all year, will that be 55 or 27? I’m not sure, but they will score points. The flip side to that is that I can usually count on the Chiefs’ defense to allow points as well. However, I think that this Ravens’ offense may allow them to perform better than they have all year long. We have seen the Chiefs’ defense rely on turnovers to get stops and I think they can force Lamar Jackson into a few bad decisions that the defense won’t be able to mask on the other end. Also, the Ravens offense is slightly more compact, which should allow a worse defense to not get caught off guard as much as they typically do. I think that the game planning and athletes of the Chiefs isn’t really something a good defense can completely neutralize. That is the difference maker in this game, so I’ll take the Chiefs -6.5.

Saints (-8) vs. Buccaneers:

This game in week 1 was one of the biggest upsets of the season in the NFL. No one saw this coming, and the Saints were caught completely off-guard by the Bucs new offensive scheme. Only to compound that issue, the Bucs new scheme exploited something the Saints were not very good at. The Bucs threw all over the Saints in game 1 with Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeSean Jackson leading the way to a crazy day for the Bucs’ offense. Now, I believe that a lot of things have happened since that game that basically all favor the Saints. DeSean Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick both will not be starting this game, The Saints’ defense has gotten much better in the secondary, and the Saints know the gameplan this time around. I do not the Buccaneers to change what they have done all season, so I think the Saints will have the necessary adjustments to take care of business here and run away with this game after a long week and a disappointing loss.

Giants (-3.5) vs. Redskins:

The only concern I have about this game is the motivation. The Giants are just better of losing every game, but I do not think they are actively trying to do so. Also, the Redskins still have some theoretical hope in the playoffs, even though they are without a competent quarterback. Everything else here points to the Giants being able to win this game. OBJ can lineup opposite of Josh Norman most of the game to neutralize his effect on the game. Saquon can beat the Redskins through the passing game if they decide to load the box as they did against the Cowboys at home. The Redskins offense just has no way of consistently moving the ball. Adrian Peterson is their most productive player. The receiving group has no rapport with Mark Sanchez. They also aren’t really talented enough to consistently make plays anyways. I think that the Giants should have no problem winning this game by double digits if their head is in the right place.

Eagles vs. Cowboys (-3.5):

The Cowboys have been playing inspired football for the last month of the season and I really don’t think that they no-show for the biggest game of their season so far. They are coming off of an emotional win vs. the Saints, but they have had a long week and they come into this game with supreme confidence. Also, they are just a better team. The Eagles’ secondary is dreadful and now it is injured. If a group is bad before injuries, they tend to get much worse after them. Amari Cooper has helped this Cowboys’ team more than anyone thought and it has also opened up Zeke to look like the best running back in football. The Eagles rely on their line to get pressure to neutralize their lack of secondary. The Cowboys offensive line can neutralize this pass rush and just make the Eagles’ defense look bad. I think that the story of this game is the number of yards gained/points the Cowboys put up. I’ll take the Cowboys to win this by a touchdown or more.