NFL Week 3 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 3 Betting Odds and Predictions

Week 3 is upon us and I am really starting to like a few of the games this week. We are now able to evaluate certain teams based on what we have seen and determine how good these teams truly are. There are a couple of lines this week that seem really off to me, which is always interesting to look into.

Saints (+3) v. Falcons

The Saints have been really bad compared to expectations in the first 2 weeks, but that has kind of been the norm of the Saints recently. Last season, they had a great defense who started out the season allowing 29 and 36 points in the first two weeks. The Saints haven’t started better than 0-2 since 2014, but they’re usually able to bounce back to a degree. I think the Saints will win this game outright in a big game. Michael Thomas has been great vs. the Falcons and Kamara should be open out of the backfield a lot.

Colts (+6.5) v. Eagles

Here I am again, fading the Eagles. They get Carson Wentz back this week, but I’m not truly concerned. Their top 2 TD expectancy players are out this game in Jeffrey and Ajayi. The defense is really not that good. Teams have started to pick apart their secondary like I have been asking them to for about a year now. The secondary of the Eagles is really poor and typically the D-Line is the only thing to make the opposing offense uncomfortable.

This should suit Luck well with how he has been playing. Luck has been dinking and dunking in the first 2 games and that is exactly what I want against this Eagles D. I think this is a close game and could very well see the Colts winning outright if we don’t see 100% Wentz. If that is the case, I have to take the +6.5 and move on.

Titans v. Jaguars (+1)

The Jaguars are simply much better at football than the Titans. It’s a home game. Its a let down spot for the Titans coming off a game they shouldn’t have won with a backup QB. Now they go into Jacksonville to face a team just simply better than them. The Jags playcalling has been much better this season. They are being much more aggressive and I think that will really help them moving forward. This line is basically based on the fact that the Titans beat the Jags twice last year, but I’m not buying it.

Cowboys (+1.5) v. Seahawks

The Buzz around this game is that the Seahawks are returning home and aren’t THIS bad. I get that, but I kind of think they are THAT bad. This offensive line is horrible. They’re looking to Brandon Marshall to break them out of bad situations. On the other hand, the Cowboys defense has been solid and I think they are capable of just being too much for the Seahawks to handle. Zeke should feast against a defense lacking a lot of star power like the past. It just seems like people are talking themselves into the fact that the Seahawks aren’t as bad as they are.
Steelers (-1.5) v. Buccaneers:

This is the spot. The Steelers have dealt with a lot of controversies recently and eventually, they will put it all to rest. This spot on Monday Night Football against an overachieving Bucs team is where the Steelers tell the world to calm down. The Steelers have played 2 teams that are much better than people initially thought and the Bucs have done similar things in the opposite direction. This may end up being a high-scoring game, but it’s one the Steelers will win. The Buccaneers defense is horrible and the Steelers offense is too dynamic. The Steelers and Big Ben also do have a tendency to show up in big nationally televised games, if you’re into that narrative.

Enjoy the NFL Week 3!