NFL Week 7 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 7 Betting Odds and Predictions

Take a look at our NFL Week 7 Betting Odds and Predictions:

Patriots (-3) Vs. Bears

This game should be a close game, but at the end of the day, the Patriots should be able to take care of business with all of these weapons getting more and more comfortable in the offense. The Bears’ defense had been really good up until last week, where it got torched by Brock Osweiler, YIKES. I think there could be a slight overreaction of this defensive lapse, but I didn’t think the Bears’ defense was as good as it was playing before that point. They are good, but their secondary play isn’t elite and the Pats can capitalize on that here. The Patriots’ offense is dynamic. They have established a consistent ground game in the last few weeks and implemented 2 top 30 WRs into the offense. Josh Gordon is going to be a problem for teams as he gets more integrated and I think he should show up here in a big way. I’ll give up just 3 points and take the Patriots here.

Panthers (+4.5) Vs. Eagles

This game comes down to offensive ability and I think Carolina has a real chance to win this game outright. The Panthers O-line has been one of the best in football to the surprise of many early in the season. If they can continue this play, the should be able to capitalize on a bad Eagles’ secondary. I think the Panthers O-line can help neutralize this Eagles’ Line and force them to do things they are less comfortable doing. The Eagles get hurt when the opposing team has time to throw the ball and this is a situation with a mobile QB and a pass-catching back that sets up exactly how someone would draw up and offense to beat the Eagles. The Panthers WRs are not exactly world-beaters, but they are good enough to beat the Eagles’ CBs. The Eagles offense has looked a little better recently, but they still aren’t scary to me. I think the Panthers can post 4 TDs in this game and the Eagles should struggle to put up 5 to get up to the -4.5 asked of them.

Browns (+3) Vs. Buccaneers

This line is just a massive overreaction to the Browns’ loss last week. The Browns are just a significantly more talented team at this point than the Bucs and its really strange how they are not favored in this game. The Buccaneers have been able to score with teams all year, but this Browns defense will be one of the best they have played this season. I think that this game sets up very similarly to the Bears/Bucs game a few weeks ago. The Browns are a team that are struggling to consistently move the ball and are struggling to find go-to guys to rely on time and time again. These were the same concerns we had with the Bears going into that week. The Bucs’ defensive scheme is heavily focused on stopping the run. This is BAD. Virtually every great defensive coach wants to either stop the big play/game or stop the pass. It is hard for teams to drive down the field consistently via the run compared to the pass and the Bucs just completely give up the pass in favor of the run. This scheme is killing them and I don’t think it will change. The Browns should be able to move the ball at will here and beat the Bucs outright.

Saints (+2.5) Vs. Ravens

This Ravens team is MASSIVELY overrated. Who have they beaten? The Bills? Broncos? Titans? Steelers? Maybe before the season the Titans and Steelers would have been impressive wins, but not anymore. The Ravens have yet to play a team of the same caliber as the Saints and I think it will show here. I think the Ravens defense is the biggest key here. They have held everyone besides the Bengals to under 15 points. That is very, very impressive. However, the Titans, Bills, Broncos, and Browns have struggled most of the season anyway. How much of this is the Ravens’ defense playing great and how much is this that these teams are bad offensively? After week 3, everyone thought the Dolphins were good. It turns out that they had just played 3 of the worst teams in the NFL and they aren’t actually a top 10 team. I think this Ravens production is just overstated by their opponents. There is value in taking quality teams against them until they prove they’re good against good teams.

Cowboys (+2.5) Vs. Redskins

This is a game of matchups that I believe the Cowboys win. The Cowboys are elite in some areas and horrible in others. Their running game is elite and this is a key weakness of the Redskins. I think the pivotal matchup for the Cowboys in any game is the ability to establish the run. Last week was a very encouraging sign simply from a play-calling perspective. The Cowboys allowed Dak to open up the defense more with his mobility and cause havoc for the linebackers all game. This implementation of the RPO with the QB also able to run is just really difficult to defend. If Dallas can establish the run, this game is massively in their favor. Based on their past history and Zeke’s talent vs. a bottom five run-stopping team over the past few seasons, I think the Cowboys impose their will at the line on both ends and take this game outright.