NFL Week 8 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 8 Betting Odds and Predictions

Week 8 of the NFL season is here. Take a look at some of our favorite NFL Week 8 Betting Odds and Predictions:

Buccaneers Vs. Bengals (-4)

The Bengals are the significantly better football team on both sides of the ball and they are at home. I have to go with the better team only laying 4 to a team that is not very good at all. The Bucs’ defense has not been impressive and the Bengals offense has too many weapons to take advantage. The Bengals have a massive advantage on the outside in this game and I think that is the difference in the game. The Bucs’ offense is rather reliant on big plays and not turning the ball over if they want to beat the Bengals, and that isn’t something I can rely on. I think this game could even get ugly early with a Bucs’ turnover and two quick scores by the Bengals.  


Seahawks Vs. Lions (-3)

The Seahawks are just overrated based on what they have done this year, especially on the road. The Seahawks have notably had one of the best home field advantages in football in recent years. At home, they beat the Cowboys by 9 and lost to the Rams by 2. That is about the outcome you would expect out of an above average team. On the road, the Seahawks are a bad team. I think the Lions offense will have their way with the Seahawks defense with the emergence of Kerryon Johnson and the 3 clear WR options on the Lions. The Seahawks offense is just strange and I can’t rely on consistent production from them.

Browns (+8.5) Vs. Steelers

The Browns just aren’t bad enough to be more than a TD dog to a sketchy defense and explosive but inconsistent offense. The Browns have gone to OT with the Steelers, Saints, Ravens, Raiders, and Buccaneers. Now, that is a wide range of team skill levels, and what that really tells me is that taking an 8.5 point line on either side of the Browns is just something I just can’t take. These Browns love to stay in the game and attempt to choke them away. The Steelers struggled to hold on to the ball vs. the Browns in the last meeting and this line indicates that the Steelers were much better in that game besides the turnover margin. I just think that the Browns will stay in this game enough to take the large spread.

Ravens Vs. Panthers (+2)

This one is pretty easy for me as I have been actively fading the Ravens and playing the Panthers all year long. The Ravens haven’t played anyone good and when they have they lose. Some people are touting this Ravens team as a top 5 team with wins over the Bills, Broncos, Steelers, and Titans. I mean, there are at least 8 teams in the league that I think would come out of that schedule with at LEAST a 4-3 record. Are they actually really good? I don’t think so and until they show me they are. I’m not going there. The Panthers offense has just been getting the job done and they are making great adjustments. You saw them pass to CMC 15 times vs. a bad Falcons’ Linebacking group. The next week, they barely threw him when he smashed the Bengals run defense. They are pulling a lot of the right strings in the right matchups and I think the Ravens defense that will be more exploitable vs. this kind of playcalling.

Saints (+1) Vs. Vikings

Both of these defenses have gotten much better than they were to start the season. The difference is that the Vikings are starting to get attention for turning it around and the Saints are not. Last year, we saw this Saints’ defense be HORRIBLE for a few weeks and then settle into being one of the best defenses in the league. Their personnel has not changed very much. Really, their secondary was very young and should actually be getting better. The Vikings offense has started to look better, but I know I can rely on Brees in any matchup. Brees does have home/road splits, but those are more dome/outdoor splits. This is a big game on Sunday night for 2 teams trying to get into the Super Bowl conversation and I have to trust the Saints in this one.