NFL Week 9 Betting Odds and Predictions

NFL Week 9 Betting Odds and Predictions

Take a look at the National Football League Week 9 Betting Odds and a few predictions:

Bears (-10) Vs. Bills:

The Bills are starting Nathan Peterman vs. the Bears this week. Their implied team total is right around 14 and that seems high. Peterman has never finished one of the three games he has started in the league. The biggest concern I have for betting this total is that Peterman is so bad that the Bills put in recently signed WR Terrelle Pryor to play QB. Luckily, he shouldn’t know the playbook enough to do that, so how are the Bills going to score? The only way I see Buffalo scoring is if the Bears score a lot first. 10 is a lot for the Bears offense going against the Bills defense that has been decently impressive, but I just think they’ll get there over the course of the game with the Bills not putting too much pressure on them offensively.

Falcons (+1.5) Vs. Redskins:

The Falcons are the better football team and that’s basically all I need to go against the Redskins. The Redskins have not been impressive all year long even though they have beaten a few solid football teams in the process. The Falcons offense should have their way with the Redskins defense similar to what the Saints did a few weeks ago. The Falcons defense is the main concern here. Coming off of a bye week, the Falcons should have improved a bit defensively. Also, the Redskins offense hasn’t shown the ability to really take advantage of a defense. Although they are 5-2, the Redskins have only scored over 23 once this year. I can’t rely on this slow-paced offense to come out victorious in a possible shootout, so I’ll take the points and the Falcons.

Chargers (+2) Vs. Seahawks:

The Chargers are the most underrated team in football, and the Seahawks are overperforming. I would think about this play as one of my favorite plays of the week if the line was completely flipped. The Chargers are coming off of a bye week, which should only help this offense that has been really good all year anyways. The Chargers defense should continue to improve as the season goes on and they adjust to the current life without Joey Bosa. Tyler Lockett vs this defense that has been gashed by elite speed receivers. I don’t think that the Seahawks can stop this Chargers offense enough to win this game, even if they do create some big plays.

Packers Vs. Patriots (-6):

The Packers defense has been better this year than it has in recent years, but they are coming into this game losing one of their best defensive players and after a physically draining game all the way across the country. The Packers defense really benefitted from the play of their rookie CB Jaire Alexander. The Rams were throwing at him a lot and he was extremely impressive in coverage last game. Now, the Pats have seen this tape and should be able to indentify that maybe that matchup isn’t the matchup to exploit like the Rams thought it may be. The Patriots offense should be able to get back on track here and put up 35+ point on the way to a victory and a cover.

Titans Vs. Cowboys (-6):

The Titans are one of the worst teams in football and the Cowboys have been very close in every single loss this year. The scariest part of this line is the number. The Cowboys have struggled to pull away from opponents besides the Jaguars a few weeks ago. There are 2 key factors leading to this side. The Cowboys’ defense has been outstanding this year and it is something I didn’t expect coming into the year. The Titans are offensively inept and I think they will struggle to move the ball all game. This should lead to a Cowboys’ lead early and often, which leads to the Cowboys’ other advantage. The Cowboys should run all over the Titans here, especially if Zeke gets the 25+ carries I expect with the game script. These two things should lead to a pretty clean win for the Cowboys on Monday night.

Enjoy the games and best of luck!