NFL Wildcard Weekend Daily Fantasy Sports NFL Lineup Tips

NFL Wildcard Weekend Daily Fantasy Sports NFL Lineup Tips

Here we go. 4 game slate:


Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson are the 2 clear plays at the top of most sites. Both are in the highest total game. Both are playing inside of a dome. They are also two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.Their teams rely on them to win them games and they have gotten their teams this far. I think the winner of the game will really be the team whose QB makes the most play. I lean Watson over luck because I think there will be more on his plate. Watson may run even more than normal due to the elimination aspect of the game. Watson hasn’t lost a game by more than a touchdown since his senior year of high school, which tells you everything you need to know about his competitiveness in these big games. Luck will be heavily relied on to pick apart the Houston secondary in this game, which makes him a great option for 300 yards and 3 TDs if things go the right way.

My other 2 favorite QBs on the slate are riskier options. I really think that Mitch Trubisky and Dak Prescott are pretty similar players, and I think they are both in good spots on this slate. Trubisky faces a horrible Eagles’ secondary that could give up multiple big plays in this game. The Bears throw down the field more than almost every team in the league and I believe that is a recipe for success. Prescott and Trubisky also have a little additional upside like Watson by using their legs in big moments. I think Prescott will be in control of the ball a lot and also has sneaky rushing TD upside. The Cowboys are running a lot of read option at the goal line and they often all collapse on Zeke, allowing Dak to walk into the end zone.

Running Back:

Ezekiel Elliott is good at football. He is getting a TON of work. He is a home favorite. Play him or fade him at your own risk.

Tarik Cohen should see an increase in snaps in this game as the Eagles are much more likely to give up passing yards than rushing yards and Cohen is a clear beneficiary of that. I think cohen could see up to 8 or 9 targets and be heavily used early in this game.

The cheap play of this slate is Nyheim Hines. Hines should allow you to spend up in other spots and he gives you upside as a pass-catching back. Hines has seen 9, 5, 6, 5, and 5 targets in his last 5 games. That is much more than you will get for most receivers at the same price point. Hines also would likely be in line for carries if Marlon Mack gets into any trouble, which is just additional upside.

Wide Receiver:

DeAndre Hopkins is also really good at football. Hopkins put up 10 for 169 and a TD in their first meeting, but then only had 4 for 36 and a TD in their second matchup. This could have been a schematic change in the Colts’ defense, which is the biggest case I can make for not using Hopkins. He is an elite WR in the highest total game on the week.

T.Y. Hilton is the clear #2 option on this slate. Hilton is dealing with ankle issues, but is expected to play. In his two games vs. Houston this year, he put up 4 for 115 and 9 for 199. Hilton is the perfect receiver to torch the Texans’ slow secondary if his ankle is good to go.

There isn’t one Bears’ receiver in particular that I Iove more than the others, but I want to get exposure to all of them more than the field. I think Allen Robinson is the safest with his ability to beat the Eagles in one on one battles for the ball. Gabriel has emerged as the deep threat and should see enough opportunity that he can go off if he executes. Anthony Miller is incredibly talented but has shoulder issues that are kind of concerning. He doesn’t have full range of motion, but he hasn’t all year.

Enjoy the games! Best of luck!