Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks Heading into 2019

Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks Heading into 2019

The 2019 NFL Season is quickly approaching, and it is time to start assessing which options we will be looking at as top picks heading into the fantasy football season. I think that the overall top 5 or 6 QBs on the board are rather straightforward in overall projection, but I think I will be relatively bold the order of my favorites.

5. Deshaun Watson

Watson is one of the best dual-threat QBs in the NFL, and his offense should be pretty dynamic this season if they can all stay healthy. Watson looked great in games where he had DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Keke Coutee all on the field with him. The running back and tight end positions are not elite for the Texans, which is something most of the top guys to have, but Watson should have enough options to produce. I think the floor on Watson in a 16 game season is high, but he has had some injuries that could hurt his ability to play every week. I think I would overall undervalue Watson relative to others because I question his ability to have an elite upside. I think Watson is not an elite thrower like the other guys on the list, which puts into question just how good of a season he could have.

4. Aaron Rodgers

I probably have Rodgers lower than most. I love Rodgers as a talent, as does everyone with football knowledge, but the guys ahead of him are in a better system and offense to score points with talent. We don’t know exactly how Green Bay will operate, but I think that there is a lack of weapons in the Packers depth chart, which dings Rodgers for me.

3. Patrick Mahomes

Now, I really struggled with this decision. Let me be clear; I would have a hard time ranking Mahomes behind the first two guys, especially the second player on my board. However, I think that I will be much more comfortable in the other two in season-long drafts to take them, especially at their relative prices. Mahomes is in a dynamic offense that had great success last season. I do think that tape of the offense will slow them down a tiny bit, but if that was the only argument, he would be my top QB on the board. The potential loss of Tyreek Hill is really hard on this team because he allowed them to spread the field and drew attention from multiple players on every play. If Hill plays this season, Mahomes is QB1. If not, I expect the Chiefs as a whole to struggle more than they did last season. The lack of clarity on the situation knocks him down a peg for now.

2. Baker Mayfield

I know, I know, “The Browns haven’t proven anything yet.” Last season, I said in August if they switched coaching staffs with the Patriots, they would make the playoffs. Now, that is an obvious statement, but last season this time, it was anything but that. I have been all aboard the Browns hype train since last offseason, and I do not plan on getting off anytime soon. I am slightly concerned with the offensive line, but the elite talent around Baker at RB, WR, and TE make him so safe. This Browns team should be dynamic on both sides of the ball and should give Baker TONS of opportunities to score in every game.

1. Andrew Luck

I absolutely love the Colts offense this season, and I think they will be a pass-heavy team just like last season. Andrew Luck wasn’t even able to throw at this time last season, and he still put up fantastic number throwing to receivers like Ryan Grant and Mo Alie Cox. The Colts get Hilton, Ebron, and Doyle back, along with signing Devin Funchess as a big and talented receiver and one of my favorite players in the draft Parris Campbell. Campbell is one of the most impressive athletes I have watched play football, and I think that he will garner the respect from defenses very quickly. Putting him, Ebron, Hilton, and Funchess out there at the same time with Marlon Mack will be a phenomenal offense. The tremendous offensive line play should continue, which I think really helps with Luck’s elite floor, making him my favorite fantasy QB in 2019.