Daily Fantasy Sports: 5 NBA Players Going Underowned on a Regular Basis

Daily Fantasy Sports: 5 NBA Players Going Underowned on a Regular Basis

There are always guys out there that are clearly being overlooked by a lot of the market for one reason or another, but it is often for some reason or another. I want to look at 5 different guys that aren’t getting the respect they deserve from the fantasy market on a daily basis. I am not going to only use ownership on certain sites or for different contests because there are so many factors that go into this and who goes overlooked on a certain day.

Avery Bradley:

Bradley has been a completely different player since joining the Grizzlies, and I think people have been really hesitant to realize the change in overall playstyle and aggression. Avery Bradley in L.A. played 29.9 minutes a night and never did a thing on the basketball court. Why would anyone ever want to play him? Maybe they hope he hits the 3 open threes, gets 4 steals, 2 of which lead to breakaway dunks, and he can crank out 25 or so fantasy points and let you fit other guys. Since Bradley moved to Memphis, he has become a completely different player. In 1 more minute of game time, Bradley is averaging 4.6 more shots, 1.5 more threes and his FT attempts have gone from .5 a game to 1.9. This shows how much more aggressive he has been from multiple levels. His assist totals have gone from 2 to 3.9, and even his steal rate has almost doubled. I’m not saying that Bradley is an all-star, but he’s much better now than people want to give him credit for.

Karl-Anthony Towns:

Towns has flashed monster upside since returning from his car accident after the break. He has been priced like a guy that averages 50 but can get 65 from time to time. Here are his fantasy point totals: 68, 67, 64, 53, 65, 32, 70, and 55. This is a guy that should be being treated like Russell Westbrook and Paul George but is being treated like Bradley Beal. His 32 was against Andre Drummond, a horrible matchup where he struggled to stay on the court due to foul trouble.

Kevin Love:

Love has been poorly received by the fantasy community since returning from injury, and I think it is mostly due to lack of clarity, but that shouldn’t be a concern. Love has consistently played 28-32 minutes a night easily enough that he should be at the forefront of most players minds, but he typically is not. I think everyone is scared to play 28 minutes of Kevin Love over 37 minutes of John Collins or Julius Randle often at similar prices, but they shouldn’t be. Love is not really being held back by a restriction, and I would expect him to continue to produce close to how he has on a per minute basis all year. Love is producing around 1.4 FPPM, which is incredible and would average out around 44 points per 31 minutes. That is a fantastic baseline projection for someone of his price tag across the industry.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Others:

Now, I understand that these guys are on a minutes limit to varying degrees. I think that LeBron is on less of a minutes limit than most people think. I think he will close out close games, play in overtime, and give a lot of effort while he is on the court. Davis has proven to be on a very strict and much shorter minutes limit. Here’s the thing. No one wants to play these guys because they “lack upside” because they can’t see the crazy minutes some other guys can. What is going to happen is that these players will simply be more likely to have bad games and I think it will only decrease their price tag over time. I think LeBron will play enough 28-minute games that his price tag comes down so that he is worth the risk. Both of these players can score over 2 FPPM, and if they do so at their current price, they will be on winning lineups. Anthony Davis has been on the perfect lineup multiple times SINCE his minutes limit on both major sites. These are the two main players dealing with this now, but if we hear about more late year restrictions, I will attack them with a similar strategy once their price falls.