Week 1 NFL Picks

After a long wait the NFL is finally here and this is probably every bettors favorite time of the year. The first couple weeks in NFL is always kind of hard to bet because we basically have nothing to go on. Preseason is bullshit and last seasons stats are not always the best indicator as how good or bad a team will be this season. Every year there are teams who were really good the year before then are horrible the next and teams that are horrible one year and are good the next so NFL betting is very tricky early in the season. Most seasoned bettors would say bet mostly underdogs early in the season and that is some good advise but some other good advice is don’t get too excited and bet a lot of games in the first week because football don’t have a lot of games like other sports and if you get off to a bad start that can ruin a full NFL betting season.

Week 1 Picks

St Louis Rams -3.5 over the Minnesota Vikings

I like the Rams over the Vikings this week, I would obviously prefer if Rams were -3 instead of -3.5 so feel free to buy the extra half point if you want that might come into play Sunday. Neither team was very good last season although the Rams did have a fairly solid defense and I think they will have a good defense again this season. The Vikings on the other hand have a horrible defense and they might be the worst team in the NFL this season.

Carolina Panthers +2.5 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I going to base my pick in this game largely on last seasons results. Carolina finished 1st in the NFC South while the Tampa finished last in the NFC South. The Panthers should have a good defense again this season that will keep them in games even when their offense isn’t doing all that well so I’ll take the points and go with Carolina in this one.

Denver Broncos -7.5 over Indianapolis Colts

I expect both teams to be good again this season but everyone is talking about how much improved Denver’s defense is this season so if Payton Manning is anywhere as good as he was last season they should be good to cover a few big spread especially at home.

Kansas City Chiefs -3 over Tennessee Titans

This game kind of worries me as most of the public seems to be on Kansas City yet the line has gone from -5.5 to just -3 so it would seem a lot of the wise guys are on the Titans. I see both teams being fairly good this season but I just love KC at home especially with such a small spread to cover.

Teaser Play Carolina +7.5 and Denver -2.5

These two teams seem to be the best teaser candidates this week. I like Carolina to win outright but even if they don’t they’re defense should keep it close and within 7.5 points. Denver may win this game by a couple touchdowns but again if they don’t in a blowout they should still win the game and if they do it’s a very very good chance they win by at least 3 points.


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