EPL logoBy many standards, the English Premier League is the world’s top soccer league due to the talent of the players, quality of the fans, and success of the clubs. Officially founded in 1992, the English Premier League, often referred to as the Barclays Premier League, was created as a means to reinvigorate the English game (and with it a rise in sports betting on these EPL matches).

During the 1970s and 1980s, teams from the Football League First Division experienced a lot of success in competitions across Europe, but by the mid to late-1980s, all that changed. The Heysel Stadium Disaster, which occurred during a match between Juventus and Liverpool and saw nearly 40 people die, earned all English clubs a 5-year ban from European football. By this time, most everyone had lost interest in the English top-flight.

For this reason, the end of the 1991 season brought about a proposal for a league that would bring more money and attention to the English game. Shortly thereafter, towards the end of July, 1991, The FA Premier League was established and has existed as we know it now ever since. Nowadays, England’s top-flight is often regarded as one of the best soccer leagues in the world and is betted upon perhaps more than any other league in the world.

Starting at the end of August and running until the middle of May, the Barclays Premier League season encompasses much of the calendar year. A bulk of the matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays, but Mondays and Wednesdays also play host to their fair share of matches. In addition to the 38 league games played, each Premier League team is also part of two cup competitions, the FA Cup and the Football League Cup. All of the above have intriguing matchups and matches that attract the biggest soccer betting action around!

Top Events to Bet On

Soccer is growing in leaps and bounds, with much thanks going to the marketing of the bigger names in the game like Messi, Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney and huge investments in expanding the game in America – aka Major League Soccer. On top of this, the EPL has become a popular haven for sports bettors. Check out the top events to bet on below!

FA Cup Competition

The FA Cup is a competition that runs during the same timeframe as the Barclays Premier League season. Like the NCAA Basketball tournament in the United States, the FA Cup allows teams from England’s lower divisions to face off against Premier League teams that they would otherwise not get the chance to play. While it is most often the Premier League sides who knock these lower-level teams out, the competition is home to plenty of unlikely upsets every year, making it an exciting tournament to watch and wager upon.

The Football League Cup

The Football League Cup is a tournament just like the FA Cup, but plays host to only 92 total teams. The FA Cup, believe it or not, sees more than 730 individual teams participate in the competition every year. Because of the more refined, highly talented pool of teams in the Football League Cup, it is often regarded as a much more competitive tournament.

Top English Premier League Players

Throughout its somewhat short existence, the English Premier League has played host to some of the best and most popular players in the world. The main purpose of the Premier League was to bring more attention and money to the English game, and by bringing in some of the world’s most renowned footballers, the league’s founders did exactly that. Some of the league’s top players and their related accomplishments are as follows:

Cristiano Ronaldo (2007-08): With Manchester United, the Portuguese midfielder managed 42 goals in just 49 total appearances.

Thierry Henry (2005-06): With Arsenal FC, this Frenchman recorded 33 goals and 9 assists in just 45 appearances. Henry would later go on to make an impact on the American soccer scene by joining the New York Red Bulls in 2010.

Wayne Rooney (2009-10): The prolific English striker managed to record an impressive 34 goals in just 44 appearances for Manchester United. A teenaged Rooney, in August of 2002, made a first-team appearance for Everton and became the second-youngest player to make a first-time appearance in England’s top-flight.

Peter Schmeichel (1995-96): Often regarded as one of the best goalies to have ever played the game, Peter Schmeichel really turned heads and was even able to record a goal during the 1995-1996 season with Manchester United.

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the Premier League has quickly risen to great fame. Often considered to be the best soccer league in the world, it is making an impact much beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. In the United States especially, the English top-flight has caught on and is making the sport of soccer more mainstream than it ever has before. Because of all this, it really should come as no surprise that betting on the Barclays Premier League is an extremely popular activity for all types of punters.