Euro 2016: Ireland vs. Sweden Free Pick – June 13th, 2016

Euro 2016: Ireland vs. Sweden Free Pick – June 13th, 2016

Despite an extremely impressive qualification campaign for this summer’s European Championship, the Republic of Ireland has put out a few poor results during warmup matches. Having tied Estonia in their most recent match, the same can be said of Sweden.

Regardless of how their respective warmup matches have gone, we know that these two sides are full of talent and will be wanting to take a step in the right direction of making it out of their admittedly tough group.

Sweden has a single star that is capable of altering the course of a match, while Ireland has time-tested battlers that will work as a single unit to overcome a strong defensive unit. While this match may seem too close to call, both sides will be liking their chances of walking away with all 3 points.

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Match Analysis: Republic of Ireland vs Sweden

In the attacking 3rd, a man by the name of Zlatan will be the center of attention all afternoon long. Expect the Irish defense to man-mark the superstar in an effort to curb the number of free strikes he is able to get off. Marked or not, Zlatan will be a threat and will always be favored to get at least a few shots off at the Irish net.

With only one player under the age of 29, Ireland’s attacking corps will be relying primarily on experience to get the ball into the back of the net. Whether this is a strong tactic or not remains to be seen however.

When it comes to the middle 3rd of the pitch, I honestly think the Irish are the stronger of the two sides. The reason for this is because Sweden, though experienced, are going to be relying on a lot of aging players who may not have the legs to keep up with the pacey Irish. Led by the likes of Aiden Mcgeady, I think the men in green and white will do well to own the midfield.

Finally, the defensive 3rd of the pitch is more of a toss-up than anything else. This match will feature a lot of inexperience in the back, and it will be interesting to see how players can cope.

Our Final Prediction

Ireland are currently sitting at +230 on the moneyline, but I do not think this is an accurate reflection of their chances. Sure, Sweden (+140) have the firepower to quickly and easily net a few goals, but the fact of the matter is that they will be relying mostly on one player, and if he doesn’t convert then it will be tough to find the back of the net. I think this match will end in a 1-1 draw. A draw is currently listed at +205.

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