Just before the NCAA Tournament, part of the great March Madness is the Conference Tournaments that take place. Conference tournaments can be a great time to win some money, just before the start of the real March Madness. Before you go betting on some of the conference tournament games, take a look at 5 Tips to Betting College Basketball Conference Tournaments:

1. Ride the Hot Team

Oh yeah. Ride the hot team. Sure, there could be a team near the bottom of the conference that is playing good basketball, but take a look at the trends. If there is a really hot team, make sure you are giving them a fair look when betting. Many times in conference tournament play it’s the hot team that runs with the tournament title, and then struggles after that, due to the time off. Ride the hot team during the Conference Tournaments.

2. Check the Game Schedule

Yes, check the game schedule. What does this mean? This means, if a team is playing late at night, and then they have to play a turn around game early the next morning, that is a huge dis adavantage. Check out the game schedule, and possible game times before you make your bets. This is a very important when playing back to back games.

3. The Favorites do NOT always win

Just like when you are betting the NCAA Tournament; the favorites do not always win the games. Keep in mind, you may get an underdog team or two win a game. Most of the time, the great big underdogs do not completely win the conference tournament, but the tournament is a grind. You are not in it just to win one game, you want to win as many games in that conference tournament as possible.

4. Look at the Over

The conference tournament games are games that teams never want to quit in. What this most likely means is teams are going to be playing the entire 40 minutes. What this really means, there is going to be a ton of fouls called, and send teams to the free throw line. There is no easier way to go OVER the point total than by a parade of free throws late in the game.

5. Shop for the Best Odds

And finally, just like anytime you are going to bet on college basketball, or any sports.. Shop for the best odds. Do not just settle for odds, because it’s your favorite sports book. Have a couple different sports books, and get the best odds. If you see +7.5 at one sportsbook, but there is another that’s offering +7. This is an easy choice. Do your homework, and shop for the best odds.

There you have it. Those are some of the best tips we have for you as you go along and bet on the conference tournaments. Best of luck, and enjoy the March Madness, and the NCAA Tournament.